Price list for laboratory tests

Nearly all of our laboratory samples are examined at our central laboratory in Töölö. The price list for laboratory tests shows the prices of the most common samples and tests without Kela reimbursement. Nearly all of our laboratory samples are examined at our central laboratory.

If you arrive at the laboratory without a referral, the Kela reimbursement cannot be deducted from the price, any medical expenses insurance will not cover the price and you will not receive a physician’s interpretation of the results. For more information on Kela reimbursements and amounts, please visit the Kela website.


ServicePriceDeductibleMore information
B-PVK+T (basic blood count)46,30 €
45,30 €

Leukocytes, erythrocytes and thrombocytes, red blood cell indices and distribution width

B-Hb (blood haemoglobin level)21,70 €
20,70 €
S-Ferrit (ferritin)56,80 €
54,80 €
S-FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone)80,90 €
78,90 €
B-Leuk (white blood cell count)25,70 €
24,70 €
fP-Gluk (blood sugar after fasting)32 €
31 €


P-Lipidit (blood lipids, cholesterol)74,10 €
69,10 €
Mehiläinen’s Mobile Benefits
39 €

The package covers: total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides.

S-MonAb (mononucleosis, quick test)38,30 €
35,30 €
P-GT (examination of the liver, glutamyl transferase activity)32 €
31 €
P-ALAT (examination of the liver, alanine aminotransferase activity)31,70 €
30,70 €
S-T4-V (examination of thyroid activity)76,20 €
74,20 €

Serum free thyroxine levels

S-TSH (examination of thyroid activity)65,10 €
63,10 €

Serum thyroid-stimulating hormone levels

S-D-25 (Vitamin D levels)82,40 €
74,40 €
P-Krea (creatinine, kidney function test)33,20 €
32,20 €
P-CRP (C-reactive protein, inflammation test)43,30 €
42,30 €
S-PSAtot+V (prostate-specific antigen, prostate examination)90,40 €
88,40 €

Total and free

U-KemSeul (chemical screening of urine)37,40 €
36,40 €

For screening infections and diseases of the urinary tract. The test includes the following: protein, glucose, white blood cells, blood and bacteria.

U-CtGcNhO (chlamydia and gonorrhoea test)88,10 €
84,10 €
Np-RespPer (respiratory virus test)158,70 €
133,70 €

The package covers: Influenza A and B, RSV, adenovirus and metapneumovirus.

Ps-NieluAg (group A Streptococcus and adenovirus)76,30 €
70,30 €

Group A Streptococcus and adenovirus test from a throat swab

Ps-StrAAg (group A Streptococcus)63,10 €
60,10 €

Group A Streptococcus test from a throat swab

InfA+B Ag (influenza A and B)67,40 €
59,40 €

Influenza A and B virus test

InflAB+RSV79,60 €
63,60 €

The package covers: Influenza A and B, RSV

P-INR (thromboplastin time)38,50 €
37,50 €


S-Testo (testosterone)86,90 €
81,90 €

Sensitive method

S-HIVAbAg (HI virus)54,80 €
51,80 €

Antibodies and antigen

S-HCG (quantitative pregnancy test)67 €
64 €

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

S-BorrAb (borrelia antibodies)98,10 €
88,10 €
Celiac disease102,90 €
97,90 €

Celiac disease screening test (7979). The package covers: S-IgA and S-tTGAbA.

Liver function252 €
238 €

The package (7944) covers: B-PVK+T, P-GT, P-ALAT, P-Bil, S-CDT, P-TT, total cholesterol, HDL, Non-HDL, LDL and triglycerides.

Metabolic syndrome269,10 €
246,10 €

The package (7946) covers: fP-Gluk, U-Alb/krea, P-Uraat, P-ALAT, fS-LipoA1, fS-LipoB, fS-ApoB/A1, total cholesterol, HDL, Non-HDL, LDL and triglycerides.

Pt-Papa170,90 €
65,90 €

Pap smear

STD package 1194,20 €
183,20 €

The package (7907) covers: chlamydia and gonorrhoea (U-CtGcNhO), HIV (S-HIVAgAb) and syphilis (S-TrpaAb).

STD package 2344 €
326 €

The package (7908) covers: chlamydia and gonorrhoea (U-CtGcNhO), HIV (S-HIVAgAb), syphilis (S-TrpaAb), hepatitis B (S-HBsAg) and hepatitis C (S-HCVAb).

The nut screening and components test package116,20 €
98,20 €

The test package (10261) covers the IgE antibodies of five varieties of nuts (peanut, hazelnut, walnut, Brazil nut and cashew).

Food group, diff. count and components test package116,20 €
98,20 €

The test package (10237) covers the IgE antibodies of the most common allergens causing food allergies (egg white, dairy, wheat, cod, soy and peanuts).

Extended basic allergy screening, diff. count and components test package165,20 €
147,20 €

The test package (5719) covers the basic screening and differential count test of a dust and food group. The dust screening covers birch, timothy grass, mugwort, cat, dog, horse, outdoor mould and dust mite. The food screening covers egg white, dairy, wheat, cod, soy and peanuts.

Pharmacogenetic panel laboratory test406,90 €
366,90 €

The package covers 11 gene tests: CYP1A2, CYP2B6, CYP2C19, CYP2C9, CYP2D6, CYP3A4, CYP3A5 (cytochrome P450 isoenzymes), SLCO1B1, VKORC1 (vitamin K epoxide reductase), FII (prothrombin) and FV (coagulation factor V).

Athlete's laboratory package133,60 €
125,60 €

The package (7960) covers: basic blood count (PVKT), ferritin to measure iron stores and resting electrocardiogram (ECG).

Cardiac Event Risk Test (CERT)147,20 €
147,20 €
Mehiläinen’s Mobile Benefits
119 €
B-Lakt-D (lactose intolerance test)90,60 €
82,60 €
Mehiläinen’s Mobile Benefits
65 €
B-PEth (the alcohol biomarkers test)80,80 €
80,80 €
Blood Pressure & Heart laboratory package 464,50 €
431,50 €
Laboratory test package for men183,70 €
177,70 €
Mehiläinen’s Mobile Benefits
129 €

The laboratory test package for men is meant for men who are interested in their health and is tailored to the needs of men.

Laboratory test package for women177,30 €
165,30 €
Mehiläinen’s Mobile Benefits
109 €

Sisältää verinäytteiden ottamisen ja tutkimisen valitsemassasi Mehiläisen toimipisteessä ja tulosten toimittamisen. Lue lisää naisen laboratoriopaketista.

Prostate test Stockholm3309,30 €
307,30 €
269 €
Huoleton-terveystarkastus109 €
109 €

Sisältää laboratoriotutkimukset, hoitajan vastaanoton ja henkilökohtaisen suunnitelman. Lue lisää Huoleton-terveystarkastuksesta.