OmaMehiläinen – health care services in your pocket

Download the app to use our services anywhere and anytime. You only need online banking credentials when logging in for the first time. You can also find Mehiläinen’s Mobile Benefits in the app.

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OmaMehiläinen-application and online service

Logging in on a browser

If needed, you can also use OmaMehiläinen on a browser on both a mobile device and a computer.


Starting to use the OmaMehiläinen app is easy

With the easy-to-use app, you can use our services on your mobile device, anytime and anywhere.


Download the app on your mobile device

You can find the app in Apple’s App Store  and the Google Play Store .


Log in to the app with your online banking credentials

Concerned about information security? Find out more in the FAQ section.


After identification, you can choose the service you want and use it

Set your PIN or biometric identification in the app to log in faster!

OmaMehiläinen’s features

Digital Clinic is open 24/7 Digital Clinic offers you help with all matters related to your health every day, all year.
Reminders App only View your booked appointments and receive reminders.
Log in with your fingerprint App only Access our services more quickly by logging in using fingerprint or facial recognition.
Mobile Benefits App only Receive information about current issues and services related to health and well-being.
Renewing a prescription Renew your prescriptions directly in the app.
Appointment booking Easy appointment booking with strong identification.
Registration for appointments You can register for your appointment and see where you should go.
View test and examination results You will be informed when your test or examination results are ready.
Family profileYou can add the information of your child or another family member into the app. This allows you to book appointments for them, renew their prescriptions, view their test or examination results or, for example, use Digital Clinic on their behalf.
Health information Store your test and examination results and prescriptions securely.
Occupational health surveys You can respond to occupational health surveys sent to you.
Vaccination information You can view your vaccinations and their periods of effectiveness in the app.
Video library The free video library offers a wide range of tips to support your coping and well-being.
Health MembershipsTake care of your health and choose the Health Membership that is best suited to your life situation for a fixed monthly fee.
InvoicesYou can view your own invoices and pay them in the app.

Digital Clinic always at your service

You can talk to a doctor remotely without an appointment, and the clinic’s emergency services are available around the clock every day.

Get help in minutes

A health care professional is always on call at Digital Clinic, and you can get help for many different symptoms in minutes.

Remote appointments at Digital Clinic are more affordable than visiting a doctor in person and they also save you time!

Security has been taken into account

In OmaMehiläinen, we use strong identification with online banking credentials.

In the app, you can select this as the confirmation method when booking an appointment and set a PIN or biometric identification (fingerprint or facial recognition) in the app.

Professionals for various needs and situations

From general practitioners and mental health experts to dental care professionals, Digital Clinic has a wide range of professionals to help you.

How the OmaMehiläinen mobile app works

Video (44 sec) about how the OmaMehiläinen mobile app works

Are you an occupational health customer of Mehiläinen?

In the app, you can see the information of your occupational health team and use occupational health services.

The prescription renewal service and the Digital Clinic can also be accessed by our occupational health customers if they are included in the company’s occupational health agreement. You can access the agreement in the application or by contacting your employer.

Does your sports club use Mehiläinen Sports Hospital?

OmaUrheilu is part of the OmaMehiläinen app. In OmaUrheilu, you can easily view the information and tailored services of your club’s designated health care team as well as your benefits, instructions in case of sports accidents and interesting content related to the health of athletes. Once you have registered for OmaUrheilu under your own club, you will accumulate financial support that will be paid to your club by using Mehiläinen’s services.

Learn more about the Mehiläinen Sports Hospital


How do I start using the OmaMehiläinen mobile app?

You can download the OmaMehiläinen mobile app to your iOS phone from the App Store or to your Android phone from the Google Play Store. The app requires iOS 13 or later or Android 7.0 or later.

You can log in to the app using your Finnish online banking credentials or Mobile ID. After identification, you can log in to the app with fingerprint or facial recognition, or with a PIN code you created while logging in.

To which devices can I download the OmaMehiläinen mobile app?

The OmaMehiläinen mobile app is available for download to iOS and Android devices.

You can download the OmaMehiläinen mobile app to your iOS phone from the App Store or to your Android phone from the Google Play Store. The app requires iOS 14 or later or Android 7.0 or later.

How do I add people to my family profile and who can I add to my family profile?

Guardians can add children under 12 to their family profile in OmaMehiläinen. There is a delay in updating the information in the Population Information System, so adding newborns to the family profile is not immediately possible.

For 12–17-year-olds, a consent form must be completed. Additional information, instructions and the form.

People over the age of 18 can send a family profile invitation in OmaMehiläinen and accept an invitation in their own profile.

How do I register for my appointment using the OmaMehiläinen mobile app?

You can find your appointment in your future events in the Home view. The registration button is activated 20 minutes before the appointment. You can then register for the appointment by selecting “Register”. The app will tell you which floor and room to go to.

How do I allow notifications about appointments booked by me, completed test or examinations results or other events?

Make sure that you have allowed notifications for the app in your phone settings. You can also manage notifications and other service messages in the OmaMehiläinen app (My information – Settings – Marketing and service messages).

I don’t want notifications from the app. How can I turn them off?

You can manage app permissions in your phone settings, as well as in the app (My information – Settings – Marketing and service messages). Please note that if you turn off notifications, you will not receive reminders about future appointments or completed test or examination results, among other things.

Is the OmaMehiläinen mobile app safe to use?

Your health information will not be stored on the device. Instead, it is retrieved from the Mehiläinen patient information system when you use the app. The user’s identifying information, based on which the health information is retrieved, is encrypted using technology provided by the platform developer. Information security is attended to by the developer on a regular basis.

When you log in to OmaMehiläinen for the first time, you create a PIN code so that a third party will not be able to log in to OmaMehiläinen, even if they get their hands on the device.

The user of the app must ensure that the device is always updated to the latest available version of the operating system. The OmaMehiläinen mobile app must always be updated to the latest available version.

How do I get strong identification for appointment booking?

You can start using strong identification through the OmaMehiläinen app (My information – Bookings – Allow online booking only when strongly identified).

If you do this, you can only book appointments with strong identification or through our customer service.

How do I renew my prescriptions in the OmaMehiläinen app?

You can renew prescriptions written at Mehiläinen via the Prescriptions section. The price of the prescription renewal will be shown when you renew your prescription. You can renew multiple prescriptions at the same time.

To renew a prescription, you will need to enter the details of your Kela card and your payment card on the My Information page in OmaMehiläinen. Please also enter a valid email address.

Please note that not all prescriptions can be renewed without contacting a healthcare professional.

How do I use Digital Clinic?

Digital Clinic is a service where you can contact a healthcare professional 24/7. Through Digital Clinic, you can contact our professionals about any health issue. We will look after you and guide you to the correct treatment path if we cannot help you at Digital Clinic.

To use Digital Clinic, you will need to enter the details of your Kela card and your payment card on the My Information page in OmaMehiläinen. Please also enter a valid email address.

The fee for using Digital Clinic is displayed before the chat starts. If we are not able help you, the service will be free of charge. However, we reserve the right to charge a fee for your appointment if your condition needs to be examined more extensively by a doctor.

Can I log in to OmaMehiläinen even if I haven’t used Mehiläinen’s services before?

Yes, you can. Anyone can log in to the service using their personal online banking credentials. However, if you have not used Mehiläinen’s services before, the service will not display any previous appointment history.

I am unable to log in to OmaMehiläinen. What should I do?

If your online banking credentials do not work with other services either, we recommend that you contact your bank.

On Android devices, please note that after using an identification app, the app will be running in the background and tapping the app icon will always restart the app. So please open the app from the most recently used apps to avoid restarting the app.

Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

If there is a problem, please contact us using the feedback form.

My spouse and I have shared online banking credentials. Can I use them to register for OmaMehiläinen?

You will always need your own personal online banking credentials to use OmaMehiläinen.

Who can see my health and patient information in OmaMehiläinen?

In OmaMehiläinen, only you can view your health information retrieved from Mehiläinen’s patient information system.

If you add a person to your family profile and specifically allow them to see and manage your health information in the family profile settings, they will also be able to see your information.

In OmaMehiläinen’s data protection settings, you can also allow the Mehiläinen professionals taking part in your care to view information you have added to OmaMehiläinen (including vaccinations and personal entries).

My spouse has invited me to join their family profile in OmaMehiläinen. If I accept the invitation, what information will my spouse be able to view?

If you accept the invitation, your spouse will only be able to see your name.

If you specifically allow your spouse to view and manage your health information in the family profile settings, they will see all of your information in OmaMehiläinen in the same way it is displayed to you and, for example, book appointments for you.

I would like to delete my OmaMehiläinen profile. What should I do?

You can delete your OmaMehiläinen profile by following these steps:
1. Log in
2. In the bottom right corner, select “Me”
3. Select “My information”
4. Select “Delete profile”

After this, you can uninstall the OmaMehiläinen app.