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Easy access to services

OmaMehiläinen makes it easier for you and your family to access our health services. Digital Clinic serves quickly through the application 24/7 without an appointment.

You can download the free OmaMehiläinen application from the App Store  or Google Play .

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Services for companies

Mehiläinen Working Life Services provides work communities and individuals with extensive, modern occupational health and wellbeing services that support their management. Our service selection is supplemented by the most advanced digital services of the industry.

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Public services

We offer municipalities a service network that covers the entire country and the ability to provide services and operating models that correspond with the needs of municipalities and hospital districts. We maintain high quality standards in our services and monitor the impact of our treatment.

Come work with us

At Mehiläinen, you will be provided with an opportunity to perform meaningful work with top professionals in a high-quality environment. You will be able to create excellent customer experiences in a growing and developing organisation that has pioneered the industry for more than 100 years.

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Customer satisfaction

We ask our customers for feedback after each appointment. The net promoter score (NPS), which is an international tool to calculate customer satisfaction is calculated from the feedbacks. The bigger the result number, the more satisfied the customers are. The result is based on over 1000 feedbacks, which have been given over the previous 7 days.

Our customers are coping with their illness

The percentage shows which proportion of our customers feel they are coping with their illness better or much better after the visit.