Quality, safety and effectiveness

Mehiläinen is a pioneer in high-quality treatment and care.

At Mehiläinen, continuous development of quality and commitment to quality work lie at the core of operations. Quality, safety and effectiveness are based on Mehiläinen’s mission, shared vision and values:

  • Skills and knowledge
  • Caring and responsibility
  • Partnership and entrepreneurship
  • Growth and development

At Mehiläinen, quality means that our services meet the needs and expectations of our customers, patients, residents and stakeholders in a timely manner and are based on the best available information or evidence. The core of our quality is our promise that our customers and their families can rely on us to provide individual, smooth, safe and effective treatment and care.

We apply knowledge-based management, seek to perform better every day, and are a pioneer in digital healthcare.

Quality objectives

  • to meet customers' expectations, needs and requirements
  • to increase job satisfaction and occupational safety
  • to create a common way of working
  • to act in an environmentally friendly way
  • to act cost-effectively and improve competitiveness

Quality policy

Mehiläinen's quality policy helps to ensure the implementation of our common operating methods and the fulfilment of various requirements and objectives related to our operations.


Through self-monitoring, we monitor, follow and evaluate the quality, lawfulness and safety of our operations. Self-monitoring involves both work with customers and patient safety work, quality work and good customer service.

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Quality indicators

The purpose of the quality indicators is to increase transparency and improve the monitoring of effectiveness. The indicators are public and visible to all.

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Skills and knowledge

Mehiläinen invests heavily in providing specialisation and training opportunities for its personnel and in scientific research.

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We have chosen the ISO9001 quality management system as the system for ensuring systematic quality and its development at Mehiläinen. In the environmental management system, we comply with the requirements of the ISO14001 environmental management system and the ETJ+ energy efficiency system.

Certificates in accordance with these standards have been awarded to Mehiläinen.

Orientation and training

Orientation to the quality and management system is part of the orientation programme for all professional groups at various levels of the organisation.

Surveys and feedback

Feedback and surveys provide us with important information for developing quality, particularly from the customer and personnel perspective.

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Mehiläinen Group Quality Team

The quality and medicine team is responsible for the overall quality management and patient safety development, guidelines and monitoring.

The quality team is responsible for developing quality management tools, audits, developing public quality indicators and customer feedback systems, as well as investing in data protection or the competence of quality contact persons.

Kaisla Lahdensuo
Chief Medical Officer
Maiju Welling
Medical Director, Quality
Petri Leiponen
Medical Director, Administration
Hanna-Kaisa Viertola
Quality Director
Pilvi Kortepohja
Quality Manager