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Each one of us Mehiläinen professionals is different. But one thing unites us all - we’re on a lifelong mission. If you feel the same way, come and work with us.

On a lifelong mission

Welcome to Mehiläinen! On this page, you can get to know us as an employer and learn about our diverse job opportunities for doctors, nurses, web developers and other specialists. We have a wide range of job vacancies according to different interests. Our professionals support our customers throughout their life, from fertility treatments and childbirth to the final stages of life.

According to our professionals, the best thing about working at Mehiläinen is to be able to perform meaningful work while receiving support from both colleagues and supervisors. We work together and take care of each other.

As a company, we are growing and constantly developing. We all have the opportunity to participate, come up with new ideas and create something new for the benefit of our customers. For the past 114 years, we have been developing our operations with an open mind and boldly implemented new ideas.

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Greetings from Mehiläinen’s HR Director Tatu

I am really proud of our wide range of professionals from different fields, who all work to improve the lives of our customers by adhering to the highest quality, latest knowledge and utmost professionalism.

We enjoy our work with passion and a big heart and are united by the spirit of getting things done. We’re on a lifelong mission.

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Tatu Tulokas
HR Director

Physicians are on a lifelong mission

We are constantly present in the twists and turns in people’s lives – however great or small. Whether that’s in pain, surprise, stress, joy. Each one in different ways. But one thing unites us all - we’re on a lifelong mission. If you feel the same way, come and work with us.

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What we are like as an employer

Our professionals describe us as flexible, reliable and developing. Our employees are genuinely comfortable with us, and we invest in the holistic well-being of our professionals and provide them with opportunities to develop and shine in their work.

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Our work community has good team spirit

According to our personnel survey, our strengths include supervisor work and the team spirit of our work community. Our work community has a supportive and experimental atmosphere, where people feel comfortable.

Our supervisors receive excellent feedback from their team members. In our supervisory work, we particularly value fairness, trust, support in everyday life, and the consideration of different opinions and views.

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We have been proven to be an ideal employer

The employer image of Mehiläinen is continuously developed by investing in the well-being of our personnel and communicating about our operations – also externally. Our goal is to be the most ideal employer in the health sector, and we are proud and grateful for any recognition from outside our organisation.

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Equality and non-discrimination is important to us

As an employer, we are equal, impartial and broad-minded – also according to our employees. We are committed to promoting equality, non-discrimination and diversity through concrete actions in everyday operations. We want to be a work community in which differences between people and the associated strengths are appreciated.

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Responsibility is present in our daily lives

Our starting point and one of our core values is responsibility and caring for people and society. At Mehiläinen, we are not only responsible for our customers – we also ensure that everyone has a good time in the work community and that people are also taken care of and supported during the more difficult times.

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