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Each one of us Mehiläinen professionals is different. But one thing unites us all - we’re on a lifelong mission. If you feel the same way, come and work with us.

On a lifelong mission

Welcome to Mehiläinen! At Mehiläinen, you will be provided with an opportunity to perform meaningful work with top professionals in a high-quality environment. You will be able to create excellent customer experiences in a growing and developing organisation that has been pioneering the industry for more than 113 years.

We offer interesting and diverse jobs and career paths for various professional groups in different business areas throughout Finland.

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Story about people and attitude

Mehiläinen is a broad-minded employer and treats its staff equally – this is also what our employees say. We want to be a work community in which differences between people and the associated strengths are appreciated.

Practical nurses are on a lifelong mission

The practical nurse is literally close to the person they care for and you can give small part of ruoself to the customers in each encounter. It is rewarding and meaningful work in which we meet people genuinely and make life worth living.

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Greetings from Mehiläinen’s HR Director

The success of Mehiläinen has always been based on the top professionals who work for us. Each Mehiläinen employee performs important and meaningful work in their roles and is a central part of the activities of their own team and Mehiläinen.

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Tatu Tulokas
HR Director

Come work with us

Summer jobs at Mehiläinen

We have diverse employment opportunities for doctors, nurses, practical nurses and other health care professionals. Mehiläinen also employs a wide range of professionals in various fields, from personal assistants to drivers and customer service professionals.

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Mehiläinen as an employer

Mehiläinen is a well-known and highly valued private employer of health care and social services as well as a pioneer in digitalisation, both in Finland and abroad.

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Mehiläinen has been proven to be an ideal employer

Mehiläinen has carried out systematic work to develop its employer image, and we want to be the most ideal employer in the health care sector. We are also proud and grateful for all recognitions.

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Inspiring leadership and competence development

Mehiläinen is known for its excellent quality, interesting and meaningful work tasks, continuous development at work and people. Everyone feels comfortable at Mehiläinen.​

Activities promote sustainable development goals

Mehiläinen promotes the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and contributes to the growth of health and well-being by investing in the development of high-quality treatment and care and increasing their effectiveness.​

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