Job vacancies for oral and dental care professionals

Become part of the group of oral health professionals! We offer diverse and interesting job opportunities and you can enjoy lifelong learning at Mehiläinen.

Working as an oral and dental care professional at Mehiläinen

Become part of the group of oral health professionals! We offer diverse and interesting job opportunities for dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental nurses and dental technicians.

We enable independent work in both private and public services clinics. You can either become a private practitioner or an employee, whichever suits you best. Contact us and together we can find the right job for you!

Welcome to our team of oral health professionals!

Working as a dental nurse

At Hammas Mehiläinen, dental nurses can find various training and development opportunities and a diverse range of job descriptions, ranging from service advisors and specialist dentist assistants to supervisors. And flexible working hours, to top it all.

Working as a dental hygienist

As a dental hygienist, you are part of Hammas Mehiläinen’s multi-professional top team, where it is possible to develop and grow professionally in cooperation with other experts. In addition to modern facilities, you have access to the latest equipment and tools in the industry.

Working as a dentist

At Hammas Mehiläinen, dentists can focus entirely on clinical work. You can work in private or public sector, as a private practitioner or in an employment relationship, in high-quality working conditions, with the latest technology, state-of-the-art background and support services.

Enjoy lifelong learning

Dental hygienist Kaisu Aaltonen tells about her varied work and development opportunities at Hammas Mehiläinen.

You can focus solely on customer work

In the video, dentist Kiira Löfberg and dental specialist and oral and maxillofacial surgeon Olli Teronen talk about their work at Hammas Mehiläinen.

Hammas Mehiläinen

We offer our customers a wide range of oral health services. The majority of Hammas Mehiläinen's clinics are conveniently located at Mehiläinen's medical clinics.

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Oral health public services

We operate nationwide and offer customer-oriented services to our public sector partners, ranging from comprehensive outsourced oral health care services to individual services and tailored service chains.

See vacancies on our Finnish page.

Contact us

You can also contact us directly if you have any questions about working at Mehiläinen.

Private services

Tuomas Polttila
Business Unit Director, Hammas Mehiläinen
Miia Ruhanen
Senior Nursing Officer, Hammas Mehiläinen
Jutta Kärri

Public services

Markus Muhonen
Sales Manager
Miia Ehrnrooth
Leading dentist
Ann-Mari Lucander
Senior Nursing Officer, Public services
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