Come to work as a Physiotherapy professional at Fysios Mehiläinen

Join Fysios Mehiläinen's professional team in a growing and developing organisation. Fysios Mehiläinen employs more than 1,000 therapeutic professionals in various physiotherapist, occupational physiotherapist and masseur positions. Together we create better health and well-being in Finland.

At Fysios Mehiläinen, we invest in employees’ occupational well-being and competence development. We create opportunities for competence development at work, in networks and through education and coaching. We also have our own educational community, which offers hundreds of topical continuing education courses each year, led by professionals in the field.

Mehiläinen’s professionals are on a lifelong mission. If you feel the same way, come and work with us.

Story by a physiotherapist

In the video (in Finnish), Lauri talks about his everyday life as a physiotherapist at Fysios Mehiläinen.

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Experiences of an OMT physiotherapist

OMT physiotherapist Nina talks about her work and what makes Mehiläinen different from other workplaces (in Finnish).

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Story by an occupational physiotherapist

Nina talks about her work as an occupational physiotherapist, and what especially motivates her to work at Mehiläinen.

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Becoming a Mehiläinen masseur

Fysios Mehiläinen provides masseurs with extensive opportunities to work in a multidisciplinary team.


Competence development and learning together

At Mehiläinen, a personal development plan is drawn up for each employee, which allows us to offer new challenges to employees who want to broaden their skills.

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