Mehiläinen has been proven to be an ideal employer

Mehiläinen has carried out systematic work to develop its employer image, and we want to be the most ideal employer in the health care sector. We are also proud and grateful for all recognitions.

Mehiläinen as an employer—flexible, reliable and developing

According to Mehiläinen’s employees, Mehiläinen is a flexible, reliable and developing employer. We invest in the comprehensive well-being of our employees and provide them with opportunities to develop and shine in their work.

Our staff genuinely enjoy their time with us and our strengths include successful supervisory work and our work community’s team spirit. Our supervisors are supportive in all situations, and our good leadership includes the leading of good performances and creating an inspiring work atmosphere and team spirit.

Mehiläinen's external employer image has been developed with genuine internal measures. Because of this, we are also proud and grateful for all recognitions from outside the organisation, some of which are presented on this page.

The most ideal workplace for students in the health care sector

Once again, health care students chose Mehiläinen as the most ideal workplace in the Universum student survey. In the survey, more than 13,000 university students who shared their views on employers and working life were interviewed. The students also selected Mehiläinen as the most ideal workplace in the health care sector in 2022.

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Rekrygaala – Employer Brand of the Year 2022

Mehiläinen was selected as the employer brand of the year 2022 at the Rekrygaala event. The Employer Brand of the Year recognition is awarded annually to an employer who has systematically built a relationship with its target group and carried out coherent and strategic branding. The jury of professionals justified its choice with Mehiläinen's long-term work for its employer image in a sector suffering from a severe shortage of skilled labour.

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Magnet Awards – Creating an Employer Brand 2023

Mehiläinen took first place at the Magnet Awards 2023 in the category "Creating an Employer Brand". The award is given to a company that has successfully built a strong employer brand and created a clear employer value proposition and strategy for developing their employer brand.

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5-star training site

Mehiläinen health centre was awarded the highest possible five-star rating in the Nuorten lääkärien yhdistys (NLY, young doctors’ association) training site survey 2021. This great result has been made possible by our long-term efforts in the development of the training of physicians specialising in general medicine.

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What do Mehiläinen’s employees say about us?

An excellent work atmosphere and wonderful colleagues, strong professional skills and competence of colleagues and supervisors, whose support in my work is invaluable.

Virpi, Speech Therapist

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