Our work community has good team spirit

Our staff genuinely enjoy their time with us and our strengths include successful supervisory work and our work community’s team spirit. We invest in the comprehensive well-being of our employees.

Inspiring leadership and competence development

Our staff genuinely enjoy their time with us and supervisory work is of great importance to Mehiläinen’s employees. According to our personnel survey, our strengths include supervisory work and our work community’s team spirit.

We provide opportunities for competence development at work, in networks and through education and coaching. The development of each employee is supported with annual performance reviews.

Inspiring leadership

Every employee has the right to good leadership. Our supervisors are supportive in all situations, and our good leadership includes the leading of good performances and creating an inspiring work atmosphere and team spirit.

An inspiring leader creates opportunities to influence and encourages employees to think together about how things can be done better and what could be learned from failures.

Team support and orientation

At Mehiläinen, we take care of our employees and you will be supported at all times. The goal of our supervisory work is to allow for employees to work responsibly towards their own and the team's goals. Our well-planned orientation ensures that your work starts smoothly.

Competence development

We invest in the comprehensive well-being of our employees and provide them with opportunities to develop and shine in their work. We encourage learning new things and, together, we build career paths that allow us to offer new challenges to employees who want to broaden their skills.

Mehiläinen management culture development

We develop the management culture of Mehiläinen systematically. Management is developed and supported, for example, through Mehiläinen's Executive Education coaching, which is carried out annually in cooperation with Aalto EE.

The twelve-month coaching focuses especially on inspiring and coach-like leadership with regard to both financial and personal performance. During the coaching the supervisor's own well-being is also reviewed.

In addition, Mehiläinen's supervisors have the opportunity to complete a specialist vocational qualification in management or a vocational qualification for immediate supervisors. Supervisory work is also supported through mentoring and personal coaching.

What do our specialists say about Mehiläinen as a workplace?

The team spirit is very visible to us and our patients also notice it. We welcome patients together with joy and laughter and our private practitioners have also said that it is nice to come here to work as the teamwork functions very well. We are all flexible and adapt to different situations with respect to others.

Pia, Practical nurse

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