Practical training at Mehiläinen

On-the-job learning and training

There are already more than 30,000 Mehiläinen professionals but no two are the same. But one thing unites us all - we’re on a lifelong mission.

Students are warmly welcome to Mehiläinen, and you can do your internship under the guidance of top professionals! We offer high-quality, well-designed and versatile on-the-job learning opportunities for students of various occupational groups all over Finland. We hope you can share what you have just learned with us and also learn more from us.

Applying for an on-the-job learning period at Mehiläinen is easy. If you are interested in training opportunities with us, please contact the service manager or head of the unit in question well in advance of the on-the-job learning period. You can find the contact information of the persons in charge of each unit by selecting the business and the unit where you would like to do your training from the links below.

You can also do a thesis or development project in cooperation with Mehiläinen. These are always agreed separately with the unit manager of the unit in question.

Mehiläinen medical clinics, hospitals, working life services and HammasMeiläinen

Residential care homes for the elderly   (in Finnish)

Residential care homes for the disabled   (in Finnish)

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Child Welfare Service locations   (in Finnish)