Home services for the elderly

Kotipalvelu Mehiläinen provides individual support for the elderly in everyday activities, home care and home nursing. In addition, we offer support for arranging free time for family carers.

Home care and everyday support for the elderly
Home nursing
Free time for family carers
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Home care support services for the elderly

In addition to other support services, Kotipalvelu Mehiläinen provides home care and home nursing services for the elderly.

Home meals
Grocery service
Cleaning service
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Personal assistant

Personal assistance can be, for example, assistance with daily activities. The assistance is planned on a case-by-case basis, always according to the wishes of each person in need.

Customer experiences
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Home services for the disabled

Various forms of home services for the disabled form an important part of the core competencies and functions of Kotipalvelu Mehiläinen.

Care services for assisted ventilation patients
Professional services for the disabled
Free time for family carers
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Child care and family services

Help with child care or family problems? Both individuals and corporate customers can order child care services, even at short notice, for example, in the event of a child falling ill.
Home service for families with children
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Nursing services for hire

Nurses can be hired through the Mehiläinen nurse rental service to the offices of municipalities, towns or private operators.

More information about the nurse rental service



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Mehiläinen home and nursing services team

The quality of Mehiläinen’s home and nursing services is based on strong and diverse experience and expertise.
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