Children’s Mehiläinen

Different aspects make up a childhood – in Mehiläinen you can find aspects for reinforcing a good childhood. Additionally to our pediatricians, our general practitioners, otolaryngologists and other experts help and treat children in Mehiläinen. If you need instructions or an appointment for your child, call the Children’s Mehiläinen phone number 010 414 0414 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min) or book a time from the online booking service. We offer help through the phone every day from 6am to 22pm. Remember, that you can also get help from the Digital Clinic in the OmaMehiläinen app and in the webservice everyday around the clock!

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Use the Digital Clinic with your computer in service 

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Families with children recommend Mehiläinen!

The bigger the number, the more families with children recommend Mehiläinen to others.

The indicator shows the average recommendation number from the last 7 days. The respondents are families with children between the ages of 0 and 14.

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The well-being and health of children

A child’s well-being consists of needs, health, family and social relationships. A child feels well when he/she gets enough sleep, food, safety and playtime, he/she has loved adults, friends and coevals around and he/she is healthy. In Mehiläinen the family’s needs are understood as a whole. When the family feels well as a whole, the child also feels well.

Children’s diseases and accidents

Tips for families with children

Healthy Child Clinic at Töölö

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If Suorakorvaus – only pay the deductible

A child getting sick is always a big concern. Mehiläinen together with non-life insurance company If has developed an If Suorakorvaus (direct compensation) service, which you can use if your child has If child insurance. When you use the If Suorakorvaus, you don’t need to pay anything else except the possible deductible when visiting Mehiläinen. Mehiläinen takes care of getting the compensation from If for you. This is how you can focus on the treatment of your child. If Suorakorvaus is also available for the Digital Clinic.

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