Your Opinion

At Mehiläinen, we want to offer our customers expert, customer-oriented and individual service. Your opinion about our service is valuable and allows us to deal with any problems and develop our operations.

You can submit feedback or a complaint about Mehiläinen's services as well as the services provided by a private practitioner working in Mehiläinen. Feedback and complaints regarding the services of a private practitioner are processed with the practitioner.

Open the feedback and complaint form

Please note that the feedback channel is not meant for recording sensitive personal, health and social data. We process the received information in accordance with the privacy policy of Mehiläinen's customer register.

For matters related to treatment, medical consultation, appointment booking or prescription renewal, we recommend contacting our appointment booking service by phone or using the OmaMehiläinen service. If you have a complaint concerning an invoice, please use the contact information shown on the invoice.

Contact the Mehiläinen patient ombudsman if you wish to submit an objection to the director responsible for healthcare services in accordance with the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients.

This is how you report an adverse event or a close-call situation related to patient safety:

If you feel that a dangerous situation has occurred or nearly occurred in your own care or that of a relative, please give feedback with your name or anonymously in our online service. If you submit your contact information, you will be informed of the progress of the matter.

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