Customer satisfaction is our priority

Customer satisfaction is our priority

In addition to high-quality health care services, we wish to provide our customers with individual, caring and dignified services. For this purpose, we collect feedback from our customers through various channels. This feedback helps us understand the experiences of our customers and to develop our activities even further.

Customer feedback is collected comprehensively in Mehiläinen’s medical clinics, occupational health care services, hospitals, fertility clinics, Digital Clinic and Hammas Mehiläinen locations throughout Finland. Feedback is also collected from calls to Mehiläinen's customer service. The measurements mentioned below are also used in Mehiläinen's public health care services.

The NPS customer experience measurement is an indicator of willingness to recommend

Since 2014, Mehiläinen has measured customer experiences with the internationally applied Net Promoter Score (NPS) index. In the NPS survey, the customer is asked to evaluate the likelihood of recommending Mehiläinen on a scale of 0–10 (10 = very likely) and provide open feedback on the visit.

The NPS index may be anything between -100 and +100. The higher the index is, the more customers say that they can recommend Mehiläinen. An NPS index of more than 50 is considered to be very good.

Our customers recommend Mehiläinen

The higher the score, the greater the share of our customers who will recommend Mehiläinen's services.

The NPS index on our website indicates our customers’ willingness to recommend us over the previous 7 days. The indicator is updated every 24 hours.

Quality of health care survey on coping with illness

Since autumn 2021, Mehiläinen has used a survey based on scientific research to measure the quality of health care. The questionnaire includes one question that measures the customer's own experience of how the doctor’s and other expert’s appointment affects the patient's coping with the illness or symptoms. In the survey, the customer assesses whether they feel that they are coping with their illness or symptoms much better, better, as before or worse.

Our customers are coping with their illness

The percentage shows which proportion of our customers feel they are coping with their illness better or much better after the visit.

The quality indicators on our website show our customers’ on coping with their illness over the previous 7 days. The indicator is updated every 24 hours.

Customer experience and quality measurements are carried out in the form of SMS surveys

Mehiläinen’s NPS survey is sent as an SMS to randomly picked Mehiläinen customers two hours after an appointment or two days after being discharged from a hospital.

If the feedback provided through the NPS survey by the customer is negative (grades 0–6), we will contact the customer by phone. The purpose of this is to learn more about why they were not satisfied with the services provided and what we could do differently the next time.

Mehiläinen’s quality survey will be sent to some of our customers in connection with the Mehiläinen NPS survey. The customer will receive a message based on their response, in which they will receive instructions on what to do in the future, if necessary.

Responding to the surveys is voluntary

A single customer will only receive one survey request every six months. The survey requests can be disabled by disabling service messages in the OmaMehiläinen mobile application or online service. The messages can also be disabled by calling our customer service or requesting the staff of our clinics to make an entry in the customer information.

Answering the surveys is always voluntary, but it is an easy way to assess the success of the visit, give feedback and provide development suggestions to Mehiläinen. The cost for replying with an SMS message is the normal price of an SMS message.

Our customers can also give feedback to us with a feedback form at any time.

The Quality indicators on our website show you the results of the customer experience surveys and quality measurements.

More about the processing of personal data: Data protection description of Mehiläinen Oy’s customer register

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