Chat services for worry, stress and coping
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Quick help from a mental well-being professional
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Chat services for worry, stress and coping

Concern chat services to support your coping

The Concern about my own coping chat of Digital Clinic provides easy access to support in the form of a chat.

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Do you feel stressed?
Are you anxious about your current life situation?
Are you worried about the melancholy, depression or hopelessness you are going through?
Are you worried about your lack of interest or enthusiasm?
Are you concerned about the mental well-being of those close to you?

Mental well-being professionals are there to help you

Mehiläinen’s mental well-being professionals are occupational health nurses and public health nurses who have received further training. Professionals are good chat partners when you need support with something that is troubling you. All chats are strictly confidential.


The Concern chat can be accessed in Digital Clinic in OmaMehiläinen

Download the OmaMehiläinen application for free or log in to the OmaMehiläinen online service to access Digital Clinic. You can start a Concern chat in Digital Clinic regardless of your location.

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How to use Digital Clinic in OmaMehiläinen


Select the Concern about my own coping channel.


Describe your situation in your own words.


A mood coach will reply to your message.

How much does the Concern about my own coping service cost?

In most cases, a single chat with our professional is sufficient. However, the support can be extended over a longer period of time or you can be directed to seek further treatment, if necessary.

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Occupational health appointments are free of charge for you Chat on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The invoice will be sent directly to your employer.
Mood coach EUR 29.90 Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The price includes the entire chat.
No additional fees No additional outpatient or Kanta fees. The same fee is applied on weekends and public holidays.