Hospital price list

All the surgeries included in the Mehiläinen hospital price list are common surgeries done at our hospitals. If you want more precise price information and estimates about the procedure, you can ask for the information from the hospital, where you would possibly go to have the surgery.

The final price is for example affected by:

  • the form of anesthesia used in the surgery (local anesthesia, sedation meaning relaxing medication, general anesthesia)
  • the possible special materials used in the surgery (implants, prosthesis etc.)
  • the fee of the doctor performing the procedure
  • possible overnight stay in the Mehiläinen hospital
  • the Kela compensation of the procedure.

If you have an insurance, you will get information from your insurance company about how to act with the hospital payments and possible deductibles.

Prices of hospital procedures

Orthopedic surgeries

Knee arthroscopic surgeries starting from 2 100 €

Shoulder arthroscopic surgeries starting from 3 800 €

Open carpal tunnel surgery, meaning releasing pressure on the median nerve of the hand starting from 750 €

Ankle arthroscopy surgery starting from 2 700 €

Back surgeries starting from 4 600 €

Joint replacement surgeries starting from 10 800 €

Ear, nose and throat area surgeries

Ear tubes starting from 1 080 €

Ear tubes + adenoid surgery starting from 1 600 €

Tonsillectomy starting from 2 200 €

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, FESS starting from 2 000 €

Eye surgeries

Cataract surgery starting from 1 200 € one eye, 2 350 € two eyes

Cataract surgery (Toric IOLs) starting from 1 800 € one eye

Plastic surgery procedures in the hospital:

Breast reduction surgery starting from 4 980 €

Scar revision starting from 1 750 €

Tightening of the upper lid starting from 1 400 €

Facelift starting from 9 100 €

Some procedure can also be done at an outpatient clinic. You can talk with your doctor to find the most suitable option for you. Below you can see some example prices of procedures done at outpatient clinics.

Scar revision starting from 400 €

Tightening of the upper lid 1 330 €

Vascular surgery

Varicose vein procedures starting from 2 900 €; foam sclerotherapy starting from 320 €, laser treatment starting from 1 200 €

Gynecological surgeries

Hysterectomy starting from 5 400 €

Incontinence surgery (TVT) starting from 5 400 €

Urological procedures

Vasectomy starting from 820 €

Surgery for tight foreskin (phimosis) starting from 770 €

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) starting from 6 400 €

More information about the surgery prices

According to the tax administration decision, aesthetical surgeries have become liable to VAT.

The price of the surgery includes the removal of the stitches in Mehiläinen’s hospital.