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Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

Consultation with a plastic surgery nurse

Do you have questions about something in your appearance? We recommend a free-of-charge consultation with a plastic surgery nurse

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Mole screening

Do you have questions about the condition and health of moles on your face or body? An appointment with a mole screening nurse is an easy way to check any moles.

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Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

There are many reasons why people choose plastic surgery, and each reason is valid. Do you have a mole, a scar or a skin fold that you want to get treated? Do you needmore information about injection treatments, body modification or rhinoplasty? Our experts in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and dermatology are here to support you.

Your wishesserve as the starting point for the process. Book an appointment at the clinic to talk about your options. Our goal is always to achieve the most natural result possible. Mehiläinen’s medical clinics already have more than 110 years of experience. Welcome to the clinic!

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Our professionals help you look the way you want

Our specialists in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine are here for you when you have questions about your appearance. You can contact a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, plastic surgery nurse or mole screening nurse, for example.

Plastic surgeon

Plastic surgeons work on various treatments and surgery designed to improve the appearance and functions of the face and body.


Dermatologists study and treat skin diseases, allergic symptoms and various changes in the skin.

Plastic surgery nurse

Plastic surgery nurses are here for you when you have questions about your appearance or about the right specialist to turn to.

Mole screening nurse

Mole screening nurses examine moles on the face and body, evaluate their health and direct you to mole removal, if necessary.

Learn more about plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine:

Facial procedures:

  • injection therapies (botulinum toxin injections and fillers)
  • protruding ears and ear shaping
  • facelift
  • treatment of facial injuries
  • rhinoplasty
  • surgical fat transfer to the facial area
  • blepharoplasty
  • upper eyelid surgery
  • lower eyelid surgery

Breast procedures:

  • reconstructive procedures after breast cancer treatment
  • correction of asymmetry
  • fat transfer to breasts
  • breast lift
  • breast reduction
  • breast augmentation
  • enlarged male breast tissue

Surgical procedures for the body:

  • liposuction (e.g. stomach, waist, thighs)
  • fat transfer (e.g. to the face or breasts)
  • varicose vein procedures
  • abdominoplasty and surgical tightening of the abdomen
  • surgical removal of abdominal fold
  • aesthetic genital surgery

Skin procedures:

  • laser skin treatments
  • scar treatment
  • mole removal
  • tattoo removal
  • treatment of skin discolouration, such as couperose and rosacea
  • treatment of stretch marks
  • hair removal

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