X-ray imaging

Most dental infections either present little or no symptoms, and they often pass undetected at ordinary dental check-ups. This is why X-ray imaging is an integral part of a proper oral and dental examination. An X-ray image of the entire jaw and smaller images of the side areas of the jaws enable us to see the periapical areas and under fillings, where the eye cannot reach. The images also show the status of the jaw bone and the structures of the jaw joints. X-ray imaging is an inseparable part of devising a reliable treatment plan.

Untreated infections stemming from teeth also have a hazardous effect on a person’s general state of health, which is why it is important to perform regular X-ray imaging in connection with a dental check-up. The usual recommendation is to perform an X-ray examination of the entire jaw approximately every 3 to 5 years, and practically always when starting a round of treatments. And especially if the patient has had previous root canals or fillings done. Before heart surgery or artificial joint surgery, it is extremely important to ensure that the patient’s oral health is in order, as an untreated infection can endanger the success of the entire operation.

In order to ensure a proper diagnosis, our radiologists provide statements on all X -ray images of the entire jaw. All X-ray imaging at the Hammas Mehiläinen clinics is performed by using state-of-the-art digital X-ray imaging equipment which are good for protecting the environment and saving working time. The images are instantly available for analysis by your dentist.