X-rays at Hammas Mehiläinen

Most dental infections cause only little or no symptoms and cannot be detected in an ordinary dental check-up. Therefore, an X-ray examination is an essential part of an appropriate examination of the mouth and teeth.

What can be detected in a tooth X-ray?

With a jaw X-ray or panoramic tomography and an intraoral X-ray, the dentist can see the tips of the teeth roots and under the fillings, which are not visible in a visual check-up. In addition, the X-ray shows the conditions of the jawbone and jaw joint structures. X-rays are also used to examine the condition of the dental connective tissues and supporting structures of the teeth.

A bitewing X-ray of the visible parts of teeth is also taken in connection with the dental check-up. From the X-ray, the dentist can see dental caries and its progress as well as possible problems under existing fillings.

Why should you have your teeth X-rayed?

Untreated teeth-related infections are also detrimental to general health, which means that you should have your teeth X-rayed in connection with the dental check-up. It is recommended to have a jaw X-ray taken approximately every 3–5 years and, in practice, always when holistic dental care begins.

This examination is especially recommended if the teeth have undergone root canal treatment and have fillings. Before, for example, heart or artificial joint surgery, it is extremely important to ensure oral health because an untreated infection may jeopardise the success of the surgery.

In order to verify the diagnosis, our radiologists interpret all the jaw X-rays. At Hammas Mehiläinen dental clinics, all X-ray examinations are performed using the latest and most modern X-ray equipment, which respect the environment and save time. The X-rays are immediately available for the dentist to analyse.

The price of an X-ray

You can find the price of dental and jaw X-rays, i.e. panoramic tomography from our price list.

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ServiceHintaDeductibleMore information
Dental check-up 69 €
53,50 €
Mobile Benefit
57,90 € (including the outpatient fee and the check-up deductible)
Dental X-ray of the teeth and jaws 99 €
90 €

Panoramic tomography

Tartar removal92-163 €
87-145 €

30–45 minute appointment with a dental hygienist

Dental fillings 84-197,40 €
74-178,40 €

1–3 surfaces

Ceramic filling170-515,20 €
153,40-458,20 €

1–3 surfaces

Dental crown 204-257,70 €
181–234,70 €
Anaesthesia 31–31,70 €
28–28,70 €
Chipped toothFrom 84–100,90 €
From 74–90,90 €

Price estimate from a dentist

Tooth extraction-

Price estimate from a dentist

Whitening consultation appointment0 €
0 €
Tooth whitening 154–450 €
154–450 €

Price estimate given at the free consultation appointment

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