Dental check-up - the foundation of oral health

By visiting your dentist regularly and treating oral diseases early, it will be easier - and cheaper - for you.

A dental check-up is a small act that has a surprisingly big impact on your well-being and health. Many oral conditions are asymptomatic for a long time and can only be detected during a dental check-up.

Dental check-ups in a nutshell:

  • Even if there you have no acute problems in your mouth, you should have regular dental check-ups.
  • Dental check-ups are painless and you do not require any treatments.
  • Have you missed your dental check-ups? It is not an issue for us if your teeth are in bad shape.


During the dental check-up, you will get an assessment of the health of your mouth and teeth from the dentist, as well as a recommendation for further measures. A dental check-up is a painless examination, and there is no need to do any treatment in connection with it.

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With a dentist experienced in treating patients with dental fear, you can face your fears safely and at your own pace.

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Dental check-up - here's how it works

  1. Discussion. The dental check-up starts with a chat. We want to know about your general medical conditions, medications and allergies. We're interested to hear how you take care of your teeth at home - without judging your habits.
  2. Touch and feel. Your dentist will feel your masticatory muscles and lymph nodes. Your temporomandibular joints’ clicks and grinds are recorded.
  3. Mucous membranes. Next, the dentist will check the inside of your mouth and go over your oral mucous membranes.
  4. Bite. Then it's time to put your teeth together. The dentist will look at the relationship between your upper and lower jaws and the position of your teeth
  5. Teeth. The dentist checks each of your teeth, gently pressing and scratching. A fibre-optic light is used to look through the tooth.
  6. Gums. Your gums will be examined down to the interdental spaces and gingival pockets. If you have gingivitis, it may feel a little uncomfortable to examine your gums - if necessary, we will use anaesthesia and examine your gums during a separate visit.
  7. Possible X-rays. Every few years, after an assessment of your individual needs, it is a good idea to have additional x-rays of your teeth at an additional cost so that your dentist can see hidden spaces between teeth and the seams of the fillings.
  8. Cost estimate. At the end of the check-up, the dentist will tell you everything that was found out about your mouth during the dental check-up. We will agree with you on any further treatment and give you an estimate of the cost.
  9. Individual home care instructions. You will receive suitable advice for self-care of your teeth at home.
  10. Till next time! Finally, your dentist will tell you when the next dental check-up is due. You do not need to worry about remembering the time in your busy everyday life, as we will send you an invitation. We can also book an appointment for you right away.
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Regular dental check-ups – that's why it pays off

Of course, you need to go to the dentist when you have a toothache or a chipped tooth, but it's worth visiting regularly even if you have no acute problems in your mouth.

There are many good reasons for regular dental check-ups:

  1. Anticipation. You can get away with less by taking preventive care of your mouth. Oral diseases are often deceptively latent, and only a dentist can detect the onset of an ailment. By the time you notice your teeth indicating an issue, the problem has been festering in your mouth for a long time.
  2. Savings. In the long run, regular dental check-ups pay off. It is usually easier and cheaper to correct problems at an early stage than to correct problems that are at an advanced stage.
  3. Overall health. Regular dental check-ups are an investment in your overall health, as your mouth is a direct route to your entire body. Infections that smoulder in the mouth can spread to the rest of your body, and a diseased mouth can be the cause of conditions such as heart and brain disease.
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Preparing for a dental check-up

Many people brush their teeth just before a dental appointment as a courtesy to the dentist. It's a nice idea, but brushing your teeth is not necessary when preparing for a dental check-up.

Rather follow your usual dental routine – then we'll see how your self-care habits affect your teeth.

When you first come to us for a dental check-up, take some time to fill in the patient information form before your appointment. If you take medication regularly, you should bring a list of medicines with you to the appointment.

Many people are nervous about opening their mouth at the dentist. We will never judge your oral care. We prefer to focus on tomorrow's good self-care and help you with that. So come as you are!

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If you fear a dental check-up

Dental fear does not have to be an obstacle to a dental check-up. We don't belittle your fear, we take it into account during your dental check-up.

Having a dental check-up often even relieves dental fear, as it is a painless examination and there's no need for any treatments - we'll always arrange a treatment appointment with you.

If you wish, you can make an appointment with a dentist specialised in dental fear. They always have time to talk and listen to your feelings. In this case, make an appointment by phone 010 273 8000 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min), so we can choose a dentist who specialises in patients with dental fear.

Roman Rajala, our dentist in charge, was interviewed for this article.

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Price list and payment

Take into account in the price list
The price estimate does not include the outpatient clinic fee (€29.90). No Kanta fee is charged for visits to the dentist.
ServiceMobile Benefit pricePrice estimate
Dental check-up
60.50 €
Without Kela reimbursement
76.00 €
Dental check-up for patients with dental fear
96.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
111.50 €
Dental X-ray of the teeth and jaws
Mobile Benefit 80.00 €
The price with a doctor's referral after Kela compensation is €80.
100.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
109.00 €
Tartar removal

30–45 minute appointment with a dental hygienist.

Prices 96.00160.80 €, without Kela reimbursement 101.00178.80 €
from 96.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 101.00 €
Dental fillings

1–3 surfaces.

Prices 85.70237.90 €, without Kela reimbursement 95.70260.90 €
from 85.70 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 95.70 €
Ceramic filling of the tooth

1–3 surfaces.

Prices 239.70636.00 €, without Kela reimbursement 256.70710.10 €
from 239.70 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 256.70 €
Dental ceramic crown

Laboratory costs are not included in the price estimate.

Prices 566.00734.30 €, without Kela reimbursement 566.00734.30 €
from 566.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 566.00 €
Chipped tooth
Prices 85.70237.90 €, without Kela reimbursement 95.70260.90 €
from 85.70 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 95.70 €
Tooth extraction
Prices 98.40668.10 €, without Kela reimbursement 108.40730.10 €
from 98.40 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 108.40 €
Tooth whitening

Price estimate given at the free consultation appointment.

Prices 90.00420.00 €, without Kela reimbursement 90.00420.00 €
from 90.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 90.00 €
Whitening consultation appointment

Includes an individual price estimate for teeth whitening.

Kela reimbursement deducted from the price
Prices 33.8034.90 €, without Kela reimbursement 36.8037.90 €
from 33.80 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 36.80 €

Frequently asked questions about dental check-ups

At Hammas Mehiläinen you know the price of your dental check-up in advance - check out our price list.

Are you familiar with our flexible payment methods? You can also pay for your dental check-up with an invoice or a separate payment at Hammas Mehiläinen.

X-ray examinations are subject to a separate fee. Your dentist will tell you in advance if your situation requires X-rays - they are not required at every check-up. However, every few years, even if you have no symptoms in your mouth, you should have an X-ray taken as it is the only way to get a complete overall picture of your teeth.

Regular appointments with a dentist are recommended, but the suitable frequency of appointments is individual. Your dentist at Hammas Mehiläinen will tell you when you should have your teeth checked next. We will remember and remind you about the appointment time: you will receive an invitation to your dental check-up at the right time!

Don't know when you should have your teeth checked? Contact us at Hammas Mehiläinen. We will find out together and, if necessary, make an appointment for a dental check-up.

CALL 010 273 8000 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min)

A dental check-up typically takes about 20–30 minutes. We want to get to know you well, so if you are new to us, please take the time to fill in the patient information form before your appointment.

For those who have visited us before, periodic check-ups are easier, as your previous visit is on our records and we know your situation in advance.

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