Common oral surgery procedures

Oral surgery refers to the examination and surgical treatment of the masticatory system and related tissues, diseases, and injuries. Before any possible procedure, it is good to have a dental examination to assess the oral health condition.

The surgical procedure is usually quick and performed under local anaesthesia or under general anaesthesia, if necessary.

Oral surgery in brief


During the dental check-up, you will get an assessment of the health of your mouth and teeth from the dentist, as well as a recommendation for further measures. A dental check-up is a painless examination, and there is no need to do any treatment in connection with it. If necessary, the dentist refers to a specialist dentist for further examinations.

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Oral surgical procedures

At Hammas Mehiläinen, we perform all oral surgical procedures, including:

  • ordinary and demanding tooth extractions
  • artificial dental root procedures
  • surgical extraction of wisdom teeth
  • root end surgeries
  • membrane lesion samples
  • removal of small benign lesions

A typical oral surgical procedure is wisdom tooth extraction either by pulling or surgery. The dentist will decide, on the basis of the X-ray, which is the best method to extract the tooth. If the tooth has only partially erupted or has very curved roots, surgery is the safest way to remove the tooth. The recovery period for a small oral surgical procedure is a couple of days.

Another typical oral surgical procedure is the artificial dental root procedure or fitting of a dental implant. A titanium artificial root is used to replace the missing tooth root in the jawbone. The actual tooth, either an individual crown or a bridge covering several teeth, is built on the artificial root.

More extensive oral surgery requiring an operating room can also be performed at Hammas Mehiläinen. An example of such an extensive surgery is bone grafting of the jawbone.

Seeking oral surgery treatment

Oral procedures can be performed both by a general dentist and oral surgery. You can book an appointment with either one: the general dentist will refer you to a dental specialist, if necessary. It is often quicker to get an appointment with a general dentist, and the general dentist can also assess the urgency of the treatment.

A need for oral surgery may also arise if a condition requiring surgical treatment, such as a membrane lesion, is detected during the dental check-up. In this case, the dentist will refer you to a dental specialist for further examinations.

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Price list and payment

Take into account in the price list
The price estimate does not include the outpatient clinic fee (€29.90). No Kanta fee is charged for visits to the dentist.
ServiceMobile Benefit pricePrice estimate
Dental check-up
60.50 €
Without Kela reimbursement
76.00 €
Dental check-up for patients with dental fear
96.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
111.50 €
Dental X-ray of the teeth and jaws
Mobile Benefit 80.00 €
The price with a doctor's referral after Kela compensation is €80.
100.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
109.00 €
Tartar removal

30–45 minute appointment with a dental hygienist.

Prices 96.00160.80 €, without Kela reimbursement 101.00178.80 €
from 96.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 101.00 €
Dental fillings

1–3 surfaces.

Prices 85.70237.90 €, without Kela reimbursement 95.70260.90 €
from 85.70 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 95.70 €
Ceramic filling of the tooth

1–3 surfaces.

Prices 239.70636.00 €, without Kela reimbursement 256.70710.10 €
from 239.70 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 256.70 €
Dental ceramic crown

Laboratory costs are not included in the price estimate.

Prices 566.00734.30 €, without Kela reimbursement 566.00734.30 €
from 566.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 566.00 €
Chipped tooth
Prices 85.70237.90 €, without Kela reimbursement 95.70260.90 €
from 85.70 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 95.70 €
Tooth extraction
Prices 98.40668.10 €, without Kela reimbursement 108.40730.10 €
from 98.40 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 108.40 €
Tooth whitening

Price estimate given at the free consultation appointment.

Prices 90.00420.00 €, without Kela reimbursement 90.00420.00 €
from 90.00 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 90.00 €
Whitening consultation appointment

Includes an individual price estimate for teeth whitening.

Kela reimbursement deducted from the price
Prices 33.8034.90 €, without Kela reimbursement 36.8037.90 €
from 33.80 €
Without Kela reimbursement
from 36.80 €

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