Occupational health doctor

When your employer has picked Mehiläinen as a partner for occupational health care, you can see your own occupational health team and location in the online booking service.

Log into the online booking service with your national ID number, so that you can see the occupational health doctors and nurses named for you and book an appointment. Alternatively, you can call the time booking number for occupational health clients.

Occupational health doctor and occupational health nurse

Occupational health care services usually include

  • a possibility to visit the occupational health doctors and nurses named for you
  • named medical centers, which you can visit
  • specific to each contract the possibility to use other doctors and locations than just the named ones.

You can ask for the content of your occupation health contract from your workplace or from our customer service phone number. With some companies the use of the occupational health services is arranged with a payment commitment. In these cases, make sure you have the payment commitment with you when coming to the doctor.

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At the reception

To make your visit at the doctor easier, take the following things with you:

  • Kela card
  • previous medication and treatment information if you so want
  • prescriptions and
  • possible information about home health monitoring.

Remember to tell the doctor

  • if you have an allergy or another illness
  • the prescriptions, self-medication, vitamins and natural products you use
  • if you are or suspect, that you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding.

Your visit history, examinations and for example information about your medication get saved in OmaMehiläinen for your own use.

Paying for occupational health visits

The payment method for occupational health visits has been arranged with your employer. Check the payment method from your employer in advance. A payment method can for example be, that

  • you show your staff card or a payment commitment at the checkout, so the payment is directly charged from your employer or
  • you pay for the visit yourself at first and then get compensation from your employer afterwards.

If you are using a payment commitment from your employer, the following instructions are good to know:

  • Take the personal payment commitment with you when you come to your appointment. The payment commitment cannot be delivered afterwards. If you forget the payment commitment at home, you will have to pay for the visit yourself.
  • The payment commitment or the service voucher needs to be valid on the date it is received.
  • The payment commitment or the service voucher can only be used for the service, which it is granted for. For example, a service voucher meant for the general practitioner won’t work with a visit to a specialist.

What if the visit to the occupational health doctor isn’t compensated?

The occupational health contracts and the employer’s payment commitments don’t always cover all the office fees, examinations and procedures. Check with your employer, which services are included in your occupational health contract. You can also get more information from our customer service phone number. If you use services, which are not included in your occupational health contract, you will pay for the service yourself.

Get more information from the occupational health nurse named for you or from our customer service number.

Specialists and locations

Simo Aarnio
Työterveyshuollon erikoislääkäri
Anna-Mari Anttonen
Työterveyshuollon erikoislääkäri
Jaakko Hartiala
Kliinisen fysiologian professori
Riitta Holthöfer
LL, työterveyshuollon erikoislääkäri