Child health clinic

The child health clinic of Mehiläinen takes care of new-borns, school-age children and their families. At the child health clinic, we monitor the children's health, development, and growth during the various stages of life, promote the well-being and health of the entire family, and provide comprehensive support to the families. The extensive range of services and specialists of the Children's Mehiläinen are available for families flexibly.

The Mehiläinen Healthy Child Clinic is located in Töölö at Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 17 A, FI-00260 Helsinki, Finland. To book an appointment at the child health clinic, please call +358 (0)10 414 4643 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min) (EUR 0.0835 per call + EUR 0.1669 per minute).


The child health clinic provides individualised care

Visits to the clinic are personalised, based on the family-specific needs and the child’s stage of development. We respect the families' point of view. Our processes are multicultural and services are available in Finnish and English. The services of the child health clinic are open for everyone. The child health clinic is designed to take care of families in a personalised manner. Families are welcome to visit our clinic as often as necessary. Appointments to the child health clinic are available to be booked flexibly.

Having visitors from many countries, the clinic's personnel is familiar with cultural differences and related special requirements.

Our child health clinic offers families the opportunity to choose the most suitable vaccination programme for them. Children and parents alike can choose between a national or international vaccination programme, or a programme complemented with optional vaccinations.

Paediatric nurses and paediatricians at the child health clinic

Paediatricians Maria Enlund-Cerullo, Paula Kivinen and Jukka Vakkila serve at the child health clinic.

The child health clinic's nurses are a midwife, public health nurse Harriet Aliska and public health nurse Saara Stenman, who have substantial experience and up-to-date information about the child health clinic.

Ensuring a flexible and high quality service to families with children according to the needs of the family. The nurses work in close cooperation with the physicians and therapists of Mehiläinen for Children. Nurses work as part of a multidisciplinary team and therefore the child or family can be guided forward smoothly if necessary.

Breastfeeding Guidance

In connection with the child health clinic, there is a breastfeeding instructors' clinic where our breastfeeding instructors Saara Stenman, Inka Airo, Ida Fransman and Meri Haahtela help and guide parents with various breastfeeding problems.

Book an appointment at a child health clinic or breastfeeding instructors' clinic by calling +358 (0)10 414 4643 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min) (EUR 0.0835 per call + EUR 0.1669 per minute).


Specialists and locations

Minna Aaltonen
LT, lastentautien erikoislääkäri
Henrikka Aito
LT, lastentautien erikoislääkäri
Minna Aromaa
LT, lastentautien erikoislääkäri
Justin Bejedi
LL, lastentautien erikoislääkäri

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