A gynecologist, a specialist in the health of the female organs, can be seen as one kind of a support system through a woman’s life. Most women go to the same, familiar gynecologist, so a relationship is formed between the doctor and the patient, as they get to know each other. You can ask the gynecologist questions related to women’s health and contraception.

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- Before the gynecological examination, a discussion is had with the gynecologist, in which it is important to tell the gynecologist about your current situation, as well as previous gynecological issues. Also, another health condition is evaluated, tells Marjut Laurukka-Roitti, a specialist in childbirth and women’s reproductive system, a gynecologist in Mehiläinen.

Your own gynecologist

Many women have found their own gynecologist in Mehiläinen, whom they don’t want to replace.

At the gynecologist at different ages

20 years old

During the visit, contraception matters are figured out with women at the sexually active age. Did you know, that seven out of 100 women in this age group carry a hidden, symptomless chlamydia? Sexually transmitted disease (STD) tests and a pap test are taken if needed.

35 years old

At this age, the childless should think about if they want to have children. Chances of getting pregnant start to get worse at the age of 30 and at 40 the changes collapse. Of course, there are individual differences. The age when menstruation ends also differs between 45 to 55 years and a small portion of women may experience menopause already at 40 years old.
Endometriosis can occur with women at this age. Endometriosis means, that cells similar to those in the endometrium grow outside the uterus and/or abnormal lumps meaning endometrial cysts form in the ovaries. Periods may be painful due to endometriosis.

50 to 55 years old

It is good to have a discussion about the discomfort of menopause and starting hormonal treatments, including what their benefits and harms are. About half of the women need hormonal treatment to make their life easier.

60 years old or older

Uterine and ovarian cancer start to become more common with age. If bloody discharge or lower abdomen sensations show up, it is important to go to a gynecological checkup. Also, cancer related issues may have only mild symptoms. Age may also have an effect in sexuality, sex problems and desire.

Specialists and locations

Minna Ahonen
LL , naistentautien ja synnytysten el
Ansa Aitokallio-Tallberg
Gynekologi, perinatologi
Seija Ala-Nissilä
Dos, naist. ja synn. erikoislääkäri
Teija Lehmonen (Alanko)
LL,Synnytysten ja naistentautien erikoislääkäri

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