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We offer interesting and versatile work for several different professional groups

Mehiläinen's Digital child health clinic offers guidance and counseling to parents of young children

Mehiläinen's Mobile Benefits offer you benefits to support health and well-being

Customer satisfaction is our priority

We measure customer experiences with the internationally applied Net Promoter Score (NPS) index. The NPS index may be anything between -100 and +100. An NPS index of more than 50 is considered to be very good. NPS measurement is part of Mehiläinen's quality system.

NPS result number is 90.
Our customers recommend Mehiläinen

The higher the index is, the more customers say that they can recommend Mehiläinen.

PROM value is 76 %.
Our customers are coping with their illness

The percentage shows which proportion of our customers feel they are coping with their illness better or much better after the visit.