Sleep as a challenge - a coaching program for long-term insomnia and irregular working hours

The aim of the Sleep as a Challenge coaching programme is to provide basic information related to sleeping and sleep, which will improve one's own sleeping, recovery and coping and prevent the development of sleep disorders.

According to Finnish sleep researchers, about one third and one tenth of people of working age in Finland suffer from short-term (acute) or chronic insomnia, respectively. In most cases, the causes of insomnia are very complex and have a combined effect on our comprehensive well-being.

Information about the lifestyle coaching programme

The 16-week programme includes weekly themes and exercises published in OmaMehiläinen. The programme gives you tips on how to focus on the factors that determine the quality of your sleep.

The weekly themes of the Sleep Better programme provide you with:

  • information about factors that determine the quality of your sleep and habits that support good quality of sleep
  • recovery tips for people who work irregular hours
  • tips regarding the prevention of psychosocial stress
  • additional reading material about sleep.

Your personal coach will monitor your progress and support you remotely throughout the entire programme. The price of the programme is EUR 99.90.

Who is the programme designed for?

The programme is designed for people who suffer from prolonged sleep disorders and people who work irregular hours.

Do you want to learn more?

You can contact our customer service by calling 010 414 00 (0,084 €/min). Open 24 hours a day.

In addition, we serve in the chat on the online appointment website and in the customer service of OmaMehiläinen Digital Clinic.

How can I purchase a coaching programme?

Fill in the form below to purchase the Sleep as a Challenge coaching programme.

If you are using Mehiläinen’s services as an occupational health care customer, please check with your employer whether the coaching programme is included in your occupational health agreement.

The coaching includes the remote support of your well-being coach (messages). The price of the coaching does not include any meetings that may be separately arranged as video appointments. If you feel that you need additional support during the coaching and would like to have an even more in-depth discussion with your own well-being coach in the form of a video appointment, we will charge you separately for the video appointment.

The prices of the well-being coach's video appointments is EUR 55,30 (15min), EUR 82,95 (30min) and EUR 110,60 (45min).

The coaching programme and video appointments are not reimbursable by Kela.

After submitting the form, the programme will begin with the following steps:

  1. A coach will contact you by phone to determine your personal goals and to start the programme.
  2. Once the programme has started, we will send you an invoice (EUR 99.90/lifestyle coaching programme).
  3. Download the OmaMehiläinen app to your phone or tablet computer. You can also use the OmaMehiläinen online service at
  4. The programme will begin with an introduction and a pre-coaching survey in OmaMehiläinen.