Information for customers about influenza vaccinations in the winter 2020–2021

Due to the demand being higher than expected, we are, unfortunately, currently unable to offer appointments for the injectable influenza vaccination.

Nasal spray influenza vaccination for children still available

We still have nasal spray influenza vaccines for children (aged 2–17) available.

Book an appointment for an influenza vaccination given as a nasal spray 

Are you in an influenza high-risk group and have not yet been vaccinated?

If you have not had a seasonal influenza vaccination yet this winter and you are in a high-risk group due to, for example, an illness or treatment, you can get vaccinated at your health centre. We recommend contacting your health centre to get vaccinated also if you belong to the immediate circle of someone who is in a high-risk group.

How to prevent influenza infections in addition to getting vaccinated?

​​​​​​In addition to vaccination, there are also other simple ways of preventing influenza infections:

  • In addition to washing your hands after going to the toilet, you should also wash them before eating, after blowing your nose and after spending time outdoors.
  • Avoid touching your face. This prevents you from accidentally passing viruses on to the mucous membranes of your respiratory tract.
  • Direct coughing away from other people and always cough into a disposable tissue or your sleeve.
  • The correct use of face masks prevents both coronavirus and influenza infections.
Who is in an influenza high-risk group?

People aged over 65 and young (aged under 7) children are in an influenza high-risk group on the basis of their age. If you are pregnant, you are in an influenza high-risk group regardless of your age. It is also recommended that you get vaccinated against influenza if your immune system is compromised due to an illness or a treatment. You are in a high-risk group on the basis of an underlying condition regardless of your age if you have a condition such as a cardiovascular disease, diabetes, a lung disease, a liver disease or a kidney disease.

Learn more on the THL website (in Finnish):

Sairauden tai hoidon vuoksi riskiryhmään kuuluvien influenssarokotukset 

Influenssan riskiryhmään kuuluvien lähipiirin rokottaminen