Influenza vaccine

As the weather is getting colder and the winter is approaching, it is once again the time to take the influenza vaccine. The seasonal influenza usually affects about 10% of the adult population each year. The likelihood of coming down with influenza can be reduced through vaccination. The influenza vaccine must be renewed every year, since the strains of the influenza virus are different every year.

The influenza vaccines given at Mehiläinen do not cause a risk of narcolepsy.

Many are familiar with the word “influenza”, but it is often incorrectly considered to be the same thing as a cold or what is commonly called the flu. However, the influenza’s effects are much more severe than those of the flu.

What kind of disease is the influenza?

  • Influenza causes a fever and often a severe infection of the respiratory ducts.
  • Influenza is not the same thing as a cold. Its symptoms include a fever, muscle pains, cough, and other symptoms of a respiratory tract infection.
  • The disease usually subsides in less than two weeks.
  • The most common complications of influenza are pneumonia, acute bronchitis, maxillary sinusitis and the worsening of asthma. The most common secondary disease of influenza with children is an inflammation of the middle ear.

Influenza risk groups

  • People over the age of 65
  • Small children
  • Pregnant women
  • Irrespective of age, people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, lung diseases, or liver and kidney diseases
  • People with a weak immune system due to a disease or a treatment of a disease
  • Health and social care personnel in patient and nursing work and students of the field

This is how you get the influenza vaccine

You can get the influenza vaccine from the majority of clinics without booking an appointment.
You can also book yourself an appointment by calling our customer-service centre. We can book you an appointment with a nurse or occupational health nurse.