Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a treatment for the infected pulp of a tooth. In root canal treatment, a dentist will remove the infected tissue, fill the pulp chamber and place a filling on the tooth.

When to seek root canal treatment?

Infection of the pulp (pulpitis) is often caused by advanced untreated caries.

Infected pulp that requires root canal treatment often causes toothache. If you experience toothache, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible as oral problems do not subside spontaneously. In some cases, pulpitis can advance without any symptoms, but it can be detected in an X-ray examination.

What happens in root canal treatment?

Infection of the pulp of a tooth with cavities and the need for root canal treatment are detected and determined in an X-ray examination. A dentist will examine the tooth and, if necessary, an anaesthetic can be administered. In root canal treatment, the infected tooth is opened and the infected tissue inside it is removed mechanically. After cleaning the tooth, a dentist will disinfect the root canals with a rinsing solution. When the infection has been treated, the root canals are filled with a root canal filling substance. A dentist will also place a filling or install a crown on the tooth.

Root canal treatment may require more than one appointment. In general, root canal treatment of molars takes longer than the treatment of incisors as molars have more root canals than the incisors.

In some cases, the infection may be so advanced that the tooth cannot be saved by root canal treatment, making it a better option to extract the tooth altogether.

Root canal treatment price

The price of root canal treatment varies according to the procedures to be done and the duration of treatment.

See our price list for the prices of most common procedures.

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ServiceHintaDeductibleMore information
Hammastarkastus69,00 €
53,50 €
Hampaiden ja kokoleuan röntgenkuva103 €
94 €
Hammaskiven poisto115-163 €
107-145 €
Suuhygienistikäynti, 30-45 min
Hampaan paikkaus87-238 €
77-215 €
Yhdestä-kolmeen pintaa
Hampaan keraaminen paikkaus234-587 €
217-587 €
Yhdestä-kolmeen pintaa
Hampaan keraaminen kruunu517-632 €
517-632 €
Puudutus33-34 €
30-31 €
Lohkeama87-238 €
77-215 €
Hinta-arvio hammaslääkäriltä
Hampaan poisto99-667 €
89-605 €
Valkaisukonsultaatio0 €
0 €
Hampaiden valkaisu84-467 €
84-467 €
Hinta-arvio maksuttomassa valkaisukonsultaatiossa
Poliklinikkamaksu23,60 €
23,60 €
Alennettu poliklinikkamaksu 9,90 €
9,90 €
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