Tervetuloa vastaanotolle!

Specialities and special qualifications

  • Magnetic imaging
  • Native imaging

Degree and title

  • Specialist physician

Language proficiency

  • Finnish, mother tongue
  • English, occupational language


  • Chest X-ray, i.e., thorax
  • Standard X-ray examinations of chest area
  • Standard X-ray examinations of head
  • Standard X-ray examinations of spine
  • MRI scan of limbs
  • MRI scan of lower abdomen
  • MRI scan of soft tissue in neck
  • MRI scan of blood vessels in neck, MRI angiography of blood vessels in neck
  • MRI scan of lungs, pleura and ribs
  • MRI scan of cochlear nerve canal and inner ear
  • MRI scan of elbow and/or forearm
  • MRI scan of pelvis, hip and/or femur
  • MRI scan of shoulder and/or upper arm
  • MRI scan of wrist and/or hand
  • MRI scan of thoracic spine
  • MRI scan of sacroiliac joints
  • MRI scan of bile and pancreatic ducts
  • MRI scan of spine and spinal cord
  • MRI scan of upper abdomen
  • Ultrasound scan of lower abdomen
  • Ultrasound scan of soft tissues in the neck
  • Ultrasound scan of thyroid gland
  • Ultrasound scan of male genitalia
  • Ultrasound scan of joints, muscles and tendons
  • Ultrasound scan of salivary gland
  • Ultrasound scan of abdomen
  • Ultrasound scan of blood vessels
  • Ultrasound scan of urinary organs
  • Ultrasound scan of upper abdomen
  • Ultrasound scan of soft tissue
  • Tissue sampling of mammary gland
  • Cytology sampling of mammary gland
  • Cytology sampling of soft tissue in the neck area
  • Cytology sampling of thyroid gland with ultrasound guidance
  • Tissue sampling of internal organ with ultrasound guidance
  • Injection in joint or tendon with ultrasound guidance
  • Akillesjänteen ultraäänitutkimus­
  • Patellajänteen ultraäänitutkimus­
  • Pinnallisen resistenssin ultraäänitutkimus (Lasten)­
  • Kivespussin ultraäänitutkimus
  • Munuaisten ultraäänitutkimus (aikuisten, yli 16 vuotias)­
  • Kaulan valtimoiden Doppler-ultraäänitutkimus
  • Eturauhasen ultraäänitutkimus eli prostatan perkutaaninen (vatsanpeitteiden päältä) ultraäänitutkimus


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