Young woman

Many women ponder over questions about their health and well-being.

‘Is it normal to have a spotty skin and to be nervous about a visit to a gynaecologist?’ What can I do when I feel tired and down? I’m worried about my weight and not sure what should I eat. I sometimes wonder if I’m good enough for anything.’
Whatever you are worried about, don’t hesitate to talk about it! In most cases, the questions and worrying symptoms are completely normal, and our experts can provide help and answers quickly.

So invest in yourself and meet the specialists at Mehiläinen – get care and peace of mind!

Doctors and specialists for young women at Mehiläinen

We have selected from among Mehiläinen’s experts some doctors suitable for young women, in particular.
View the doctors and specialists for young women >> 

If you are not sure which doctor to select for the appointment, visit our online booking system or use our chat service. There our nurse will help you to find the most suitable doctor or expert, the place and the time, if necessary. The online booking system also displays the price estimate for the appointment.

Do you want to ask help from an expert?

Send us your question. We will publish your question and the doctor’s answer within a week on our web site. (Finnish page)

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