Tetanus-diphtheria(-pertussis) vaccine

How to get the tetanus and diphtheria vaccination?

You can book an appointment for vaccination against tetanus-diphtheria online or by calling our customer Service. Vaccinations are also available in most locations without an appointment. Please check if your preferred location provides vaccination services by calling our customer service.

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You should always keep your tetanus-diphtheria (dT or DT) vaccination up to date. Persons under 65 years of age need a booster every 20 years. For people over 65, the normal booster interval is 10 years. In the case of accidents, a discretionary booster vaccination can be given even sooner.

The tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (dtap) vaccination also protects you against pertussis. Pertussis cases emerge in Finland on a continuous basis, and the disease is dangerous for unvaccinated babies who can contract the disease from infected, coughing adults. Vaccinating adults is an effective way to prevent infants from contracting the disease.

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