Laser eye surgery

Do you feel that your glasses are a nuisance? Are you tired of wearing contact lenses or glasses and the trouble and price of purchasing them? Would you like to be able to see without glasses?

Book an appointment for a free preliminary assessment or request more information about laser eye surgery. You can also book an appointment by calling the ophthalmic nurse appointment booking number at 040 487 8481 or 040 766 1816 (Oulu).

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Methodology selected according to your eyes

Mehiläinen’s laser eye surgery services offer you an opportunity to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses in a safe manner. Advanced laser eye surgery can be customised according to the individual optics of an eye, enabling the correction of all refractive errors. Laser eye surgery can correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and errors in the optics of the eye. Cold laser therapy is applied in laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery’s therapeutic mechanism is based on the laser’s ability to evaporate thin layers of cells from the cornea, re-shaping the eye’s curvature and correcting the refractive error.

Thanks to cutting edge technology and our methodology, laser eye surgery is a safe mode of treatment with a good prognosis, quick recovery period and excellent results. Our experienced ophthalmologists and other professional members of the staff will ensure that everything is performed according to plan down to the last detail. Come to Mehiläinen and say goodbye to your glasses!

Smile and Femtolasik (for people over 18)

Smile, Femtolasik and Supracor (for people approximately over 40)

Lens replacement surgery, Cataract (for people approximately over 65)

You may book a preliminary assessment in order to determine the method of laser eye surgery most suitable for you.

Laser eye surgery methods

Various laser eye surgery methods are applied at Mehiläinen, and each one of them has certain unique properties. This allows us to offer the perfect solution for all kinds of needs and circumstances. All methods applied at Mehiläinen are CE certified. CE certified products are analysed before being introduced to the market and they comply with the EU requirements on safety, health and environmental protection.

The Smile laser surgery (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) does not involve a blade or the construction of a corneal flap. The post-operative recovery period is short and your vision will quickly return to normal.

Femtolasik eye surgery is a flap construction technique that uses the Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser. Femtolasik surgery does not involve the use of a blade and it guarantees an accurate, safe and pain-free flap construction.

Supracor eye surgery is the only method of laser surgery used in Finland to correct presbyopia. The surgery does not involve a blade. The Supracor laser method is also the only CE certified mode of laser therapy for the treatment of presbyopia.

The traditional mode of photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is used in certain special cases. PRK is no longer used very commonly. New techniques have replaced PRK almost entirely, as they allow for a significantly shorter recovery period and a quicker restoration of visual acuity. PRK is also referred to as such abbreviations as FLOW, ASA, etc., but what all these methods have in common is that the laser is directed at the surface layers of the cornea.

Smile, Femtolasik and Supracor surgeries performed at Mehiläinen include a one-year surgery guarantee!

Free preliminary assessment

In the free preliminary assessment, the suitability of a laser eye surgery for you is assessed by the operating ophthalmologist and an optician. The assessment also involves studying the strength of your glasses, measuring the thickness and the shape of your cornea in order to make a more accurate assessment of the suitability of the surgery for you. If the results of the preliminary assessment indicate that a laser eye surgery is suitable for you, an appointment for a more extensive preliminary examination is booked.

Request more information about laser eye surgery. You can also book an appointment by calling the ophthalmic nurse appointment booking number at 040 487 8481 (Helsinki) or 040 766 1816 (Oulu).