Mehiläinen provides young, working age and elderly customers with a variety of high-quality physiotherapy services. These services are available to both private and occupational health care customers as well as athletes.

Physiotherapy focuses on prevention and the individual’s own activity and provides the customer with appropriate therapeutic treatment.

Our range of physiotherapy services include

  • examination and treatment of various pains of the musculoskeletal system
  • treatment of sports injuries
  • post-operational rehabilitation
  • treatment of occupational stress injuries
  • physiotherapeutic guidance and instructions and manual therapy

Our physiotherapists collaborate closely with other experts, such as the Mehiläinen accident team.

Individual therapy

An individual initial examination and, based on it, therapy and rehabilitation planned in collaboration with the customer form the basis of successful physiotherapy. In physiotherapy, the individual's own personal exercise measures are emphasised by guiding the customer e.g. through means of individual and group exercises to personally look after ongoing rehabilitation and prevention. On offer are also appropriate pain relief and relaxation therapies, such as soft tissue treatment, mobilisation, manipulation (OMT, MAITLAND) and lymph drainage therapy, together with physiotherapy and acupuncture therapies for the pelvic floor muscles.

Group therapy

Attached to the physiotherapy premises is an exercise therapy room for exercise sessions either on an individual or small group basis. The small groups are focused groups with individually planned programmes designed to meet the requirements of the group members.

Preventative services

To help with prevention before problems arise, Mehiläinen offers advice and lectures on for example ergonomics or the impact of exercise on the prevention and treatment of diseases. The lecture packages may also include targeted information on the effectiveness of evidence-based physiotherapy

Book an appointment with a physiotherapist

In most cases, physiotherapy services are available with a referral from a physician, but you can also visit a physiotherapist without one. However, in order to receive reimbursements from Kela, you need to have a referral.

Contact us and book an appointment online  or by calling our customer service.

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