Patient ombudsman and social care ombudsman

The patient ombudsman provides patients with advice and information about their rights and, if necessary, assists them in filing a notice of injury, objection, complaint or claim for compensation.

The duties of a patient ombudsman include:

  • assisting and advising on matters related to the application of the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients
  • informing the patient about their rights and status
  • advising and, if necessary, assisting in filing an objection or notice of injury
  • otherwise contributing to the fulfillment of the patient’s rights

The patient ombudsman does not comment on the patient's medical treatment decisions or whether there has been an error or an accident in the treatment.

A patient who is not satisfied with the health care or medical care and the related treatment received by him/her has the right to submit an objection on the matter to the director responsible for health care in the health care unit in question (Act on the Status and Rights of Patients 785/1992, Section 10). This form  can be used to submit an objection. Submit the form to the patient ombudsman of the clinic where you accessed the services. Further details can be found on the objection form .

Each Mehiläinen clinic has a designated patient ombudsman whose contact information can be found on the clinic’s page  under persons in charge.

If you are unable to reach the patient ombudsman of your own location, you can also contact the patient ombudsman of another location or reach the patient ombudsman through the Mehiläinen Customer Service Centre. In social care services, the services of a social care ombudsman  appointed by the municipality/joint municipal authority or city can be accessed.

Contact the person who treated you when possible

If you are dissatisfied with your treatment at Mehiläinen or the behaviour of the staff, we recommend you to contact the person who treated you as a general rule. In most cases, this is the quickest way to resolve the matter and no other measures may be needed. The easiest way to contact the person who treated you is to call our customer service at 010 414 00 (0,084 €/min).

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