The OmaMehiläinen mobile app – Frequently asked questions?

How do I start using the OmaMehiläinen mobile application?

You can download the OmaMehiläinen mobile application onto your iPhone from the App Store. The application requires iOS version 9.0. or newer. You can learn about the service without logging in, but the greatest benefits are available if you register as a user by accepting the terms of use of the service and perform an authentication by using your online banking credentials. You only need to use your online banking credentials for authentication once. In the future, you can either log in to the application by using fingerprint authentication or by using a four-digit PIN code you have defined.

I do not have an iPhone. Can I download the OmaMehiläinen mobile application?

At the moment, the OmaMehiläinen mobile application can only be downloaded onto iPhone telephones (iOS 9.0. or more recent). We will be releasing an OmaMehiläinen mobile application version suited for Android phones later this year.

I have previously used the OmaMehiläinen online service. Does the mobile application recognize me and the family members I have added in my family profile?

After you have downloaded the application, you need to accept the terms of use of the OmaMehiläinen mobile application and perform an authentication during the first login with your online banking credentials, even if you have used the OmaMehiläinen online service previously. If you have added a child or another family member in your family profile in the OmaMehiläinen online service, their information can also be viewed in the OmaMehiläinen mobile application. You can add family members to your family profile by entering their personal identity codes under ‘Personal information’ > ‘Personal data’ in the mobile application.

How do I sign in for an appointment, using the OmaMehiläinen mobile application?

Your appointment can be viewed under the upcoming events in the application’s ‘Home’ view. The ‘Register’ button will activate 30 minutes before your appointment, and you can then sign in for your appointment by selecting ‘Register’. The application will also inform you of the correct appointment room and floor.

I do not want notifications (reminders) on, e.g., my booked appointments or examination results that are ready directly on the display of my phone. How can I prevent these?

The application will separately request permission to send notifications directly to the phone’s display. This can later be prohibited via the phone’s ‘Settings’.

How can I renew my prescriptions via the OmaMehiläinen application?

You can renew prescriptions received from Mehiläinen under the ‘Home’ menu option ‘Prescriptions’ by clicking on the ‘Renew’ button of the desired prescription. You can renew several prescriptions at the same time. Renewing a prescription costs €17.30. This fee includes all prescriptions for a single person renewed during the same appointment. In order to renew your prescription, you need to enter the information from your Kela insurance card and your payment card under the ‘Personal information’ page. In addition, your e-mail address is required in order to receive a receipt. The physician will renew your prescriptions within 24 hours. Please note that not all prescriptions can be renewed without meeting the patient in person.

What is the Digital Clinic and in what situations can I use it?

The Digital Clinic is a service where you can discuss your health concerns with a health care professional around the clock. Our physicians and nurses will respond to your questions within an hour. The Digital Clinic allows you to contact a professional with any concerns you may have. We will look after you and, if needed, refer you to the correct treatment path, if we are unable to help you in the Digital Clinic. In order to use the Digital Clinic, you need to enter the information from your Kela insurance card and your payment card under the ‘Personal information’ page. In addition, your e-mail address is required in order to receive a receipt. In the Digital Clinic, the charge for a physician’s appointment is €29 (after the Kela compensation) and €9 for a nurse’s appointment. If we are not able to help you, we will not charge for the service.

More answers to questions about the OmaMehiläinen service can be found in the OmaMehiläinen online service.