Men’s health

Mehiläinen’s clinics provide assistance with a variety of issues related to men’s health and ability to cope. Our professionals specialised in men’s health can help you with the following health issues, among others:

  • Phimosis and circumcision
  • Well-being from hormone replacement therapy
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunctions and urinary incontinence
  • Issues with the foreskin
  • Prostatic hyperplasia and urinary problems
  • Prostate cancer
  • Prostatitis
  • Prostate problems (interview with urologist Jaakko Salo)
  • Testicular cancer
  • Sexual health
  • Age and its effect on sex, problems with sex and libido
  • Male sterilisation
  • Urologic problems

When should you see a physician?

You can book an appointment with a urologist, general practitioner or an occupational health physician if you want to discuss issues with your health or well-being. Our urologists are also experienced in matters concerning intimate areas and sexual health and are able to create an individual treatment plan for you.

We also offer guidance and instructions on how to take care of your health and anticipate any problems. Book an appointment to learn more about the issues that are worrying you.

Our customers' experiences

Our customers praise the expertise of Mehiläinen’s physicians and the comprehensive treatment they provide. Read more about our customer satisfaction!

Specialists and locations

Martti Ala-Opas
LKT,DOS, kirurgian-ja urologian erikoislääkäri
Harri Backman
Kirurgian ja urologian erikoislääkäri
Andrei Dejev
Urologian erikoislääkäri
Patrik Ehnström
LL, yleislääkäri, urologian erikoislääkäri