Mehiläinen will start using a Patient Data Archive

Mehiläinen will start using a Patient Data Archive during the spring. In addition to Mehiläinens own patient data system, all patient information will be now saved in the Patient Data Archive, which is part of the National Archive for Health Information (KanTa). In addition to the Patient Data Archive, the KanTa service includes the archive of electronic prescriptions and the My KanTa service. The My KanTa service allows you to see your own patient information, and manage the use of your personal information.

We hope that our customers the My KanTa service to allow the use of their patient information in the Patient Data Archive before coming to their appointment. With customers permission their patient information can be stored in the Patient Data Archive where the public and private-sector healthcare professionals can access patient information throughout Finland. After permission the customers can also forbid their information from being disclosed from the Patient Data Archive. Start using the My KanTa service. 

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More detailed health information in OmaMehiläinen

The OmaMehiläinen service stores all of the same information as the Patient Data Archive. In addition, OmaMehiläinen stores the health history, laboratory results, X-ray results, and the statements for other imagings for yourself and your children.



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