Family connections and payment card links

It pays to make family connections and link a payment card – you reach the Loyalty Plus level right away! If you have made at least one family connection or entered the details of your payment card to the OmaMehiläinen application, you will directly reach the Loyalty Plus level, or even the Loyalty Super level if the other conditions of the level are met. At these levels, you will have even more comprehensive, valuable benefits available to both yourself and your family members.


Calculating the benefit level is user-specific, so all the family connections should be made in each user’s personal application.

For example, if the parents in a family have linked each other to their respective mobile applications and are at the Plus benefit level, but the other parent also has children linked to his or her profile and the children have appointments which have advanced the parent to the Super level, the parent without the linked children, however, is still only at the Plus level, because the children’s appointments are not included in the calculations for his or her benefit level. By linking the children to his or her own family profile, the parent on the Plus level is also entitled to use the Super level benefits.

Please note that Mehiläinen’s Customer Benefit Program cannot be viewed in the OmaMehiläinen online service. However, the data on implemented family connections is automatically transferred to the application as well, if health information is shared between family members.


You can join Mehiläinen’s Loyalty Program by downloading the OmaMehiläinen application from Google Play or the AppStore and by registering as a user with your Tupas ID (bank identifiers).

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