Tartar is dental plaque that has hardened in the gumline. The precipitation of minerals from saliva hardens on the surface of the tooth as plaque or bacterial mass. The formation of tartar depends on the individual and is affected by the composition of the individual’s saliva, among other things. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing the teeth; it must be removed at a dentist’s or a dental hygienist’s appointment.

Tartar buildup on the surface of a tooth or in a gingival pocket is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Tartar must be regularly removed as bacterial deposits cause gingivitis.

It is difficult to detect tartar on your own. The inner surfaces of the teeth may feel rough to the tongue. It is important to have regular dental check-ups and tartar removals.

Tartar removal

Tartar cannot be removed at home; a dentist or a dental hygienist removes it at the clinic. The dentist or dental hygienist scrapes off the tartar. After that, the cleaning procedure is completed with floss and a polishing paste.

If there are extensive tartar deposits or they are located deep in the gingival pocket, the removal may feel painful. If necessary, the dentist or dental hygienist can use local anaesthesia to ease the pain.

Prevention of tartar

Prevention plays a key role in the treatment of tartar. In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, it is important to use floss or toothpicks to clean between the teeth. Avoid frequent snacking to protect your teeth against constant acid attacks.

Diabetics, those suffering from cardiovascular diseases and those with artificial joints should pay particular attention to dental cleanliness and the prevention of oral inflammation.

Price for tartar removal

Tartar removal takes about 45 minutes. The price for the appointment is determined according to the price list of the dentist or dental hygienist.

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ServiceHintaDeductibleMore information
Hammastarkastus69,00 €
53,50 €
Hampaiden ja kokoleuan röntgenkuva103 €
94 €
Hammaskiven poisto115-163 €
107-145 €
Suuhygienistikäynti, 30-45 min
Hampaan paikkaus87-238 €
77-215 €
Yhdestä-kolmeen pintaa
Hampaan keraaminen paikkaus234-587 €
217-587 €
Yhdestä-kolmeen pintaa
Hampaan keraaminen kruunu517-632 €
517-632 €
Puudutus33-34 €
30-31 €
Lohkeama87-238 €
77-215 €
Hinta-arvio hammaslääkäriltä
Hampaan poisto99-667 €
89-605 €
Valkaisukonsultaatio0 €
0 €
Hampaiden valkaisu84-467 €
84-467 €
Hinta-arvio maksuttomassa valkaisukonsultaatiossa
Poliklinikkamaksu23,60 €
23,60 €
Alennettu poliklinikkamaksu 9,90 €
9,90 €
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