Orthodontic treatment

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Problems in occlusion are the most common reasons for orthodontic treatment

Dental crowding is the most common reason for orthodontic treatment. Malocclusion is often caused by hereditary factors, but tooth malposition can also be caused, for example, by prolonged use of pacifiers as a child or loss of teeth as an adult.

Problems in occlusion should be treated as they may disturb chewing and cause pain in the head and facial area. If the malocclusion is severe, orthodontic treatment may not be enough and jaw surgery is required. It is also possible that some teeth must be removed to fit all the teeth on the dental arch.

Orthodontic treatment is also carried out for cosmetic reasons, in which case the aim is to straighten crooked teeth. The objective of cosmetic dental care is always to achieve the functionally best occlusion.

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What is orthodontic treatment like?

For orthodontic treatment, removable and fixed appliances, i.e. braces, are used in the mouth. Removable appliances can be, for example, plastic Invisalign aligners, which are removed from the mouth during eating and for cleaning purposes. Children can use removable devices at night to guide the growth of the jaw in the right direction.

A fixed orthodontic appliance can mean, for example, rings fixed to the rear teeth or fasteners glued to the surface of the teeth and metal arc wires attached to them with rubber loops.

During the treatment, you must clean your teeth even more carefully than normally. Plaque and leftovers can be easily become attached to fixed braces and bacteria under the removable aligners have favourable conditions to reproduce.

Undetectable braces

Modern braces are often quite undetectable. For example, the fasteners glued to the teeth may be white or clear instead of the previously used metallic colours. The transparent Invisalign aligners are also easy to use and very discreet.

Orthodontic treatment as an adult

Although orthodontic treatment is most commonly performed on children, adult teeth can also be treated. In the case of an adult, the treatment may be even faster, as you do not have to wait for the jaw to grow or for the teeth to erupt. However, an adult's tooth moves slower than a child's, and the pace cannot be changed. Orthodontic treatment may take only a few months or up to three years.

Adults usually seek orthodontic treatment due to dental malposition, i.e. crooked teeth. Dentists may refer customers to an orthodontist due to poor occlusion. Crooked teeth are not only treated for cosmetic reasons, as cleaning crooked teeth can also be difficult.

For adults, both fixed orthodontic appliances and removable Invisalign aligners are used. If you are interested in orthodontic treatment, you should book an initial appointment with a dentist who is familiar with orthodontic treatment or clear aligner treatment, who will determine the most suitable mode of treatment.

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Maintenance after orthodontic treatment

When the orthodontic treatment is complete and the teeth are in the correct position, the last phase of orthodontic treatment, i.e. maintenance, begins. The teeth tend to return to their old places and maintaining the outcome of orthodontic treatment requires maintenance. In most cases, this means undetectable retention wires attached to the back of the teeth or a removable night guard. Maintenance should be continued as long as you wish to see the outcome of treatment preserved.

Price of orthodontic treatment

There is no fixed price for orthodontic treatment. A dentist specialised in orthodontic treatment always makes the decision concerning the orthodontic treatment on the basis of the personal examination and careful plan and provides a cost estimate for the entire treatment, if possible.

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