Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment may be required for both functional and cosmetic reasons. Orthodontic treatment is carried out for customers of all ages, but the best results are achieved when the treatment begins when the child is growing up. Then, the jaw growth can also be guided in addition to the actual orthodontic treatment.

Problems in an occlusion are the most common reasons for orthodontic treatment

Occlusion system disorders are the most common reason for orthodontic treatment. Problems in an occlusion should be treated as they may disturb chewing and cause pain in the head and facial area. If the occlusion system disorder is severe, mere orthodontic treatment may not be enough and jaw surgery is required.

In the orthodontic treatment, fixed or removable orthodontic appliances worn all the time or in the evening and at night are used. During the treatment, you must clean your teeth even more carefully than normally.

Children’s orthodontic treatment lasts usually a couple of years. Correcting the positioning of an adult’s individual tooth may take only a couple of months. More extensive treatment may take two or three years. Usually, the treatment is followed by a retention phase to ensure that the teeth do not move back into their previous position.

The price of orthodontic treatment

There is no fixed price for orthodontic treatment. The dentist specialised in orthodontic treatment always makes the decision concerning the orthodontic treatment on the basis of the personal examination and careful plan and provides a cost estimate for the entire treatment, if possible.

In addition to traditional orthodontic treatment, Hammas Mehiläinen’s dentists also perform orthodontic treatment with transparent and removable Invisalign aligners.

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