Dental hygienist’s services

A dental hygienist is a specialist in oral health and early prevention of dental and oral diseases. A dental hygienist provides individual advice for tending to your oral health and preventing cavities and gum diseases.

Many people ignore their oral health, even though periodontitis, for example, has been proven to affect cardiac diseases, strokes, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, among other things. Any oral inflammation must be treated immediately.

What happens at a dental hygienist’s appointment?

The dental hygienist starts the appointment by asking the customer about their dental care habits and tools: Do you brush your teeth twice a day? Which tool do you use to clean between your teeth? Do you use xylitol products and what type of toothpaste do you use? These questions help the dental hygienist offer you advice on the self-care tools suited for your individual needs.

The clinical examination starts with a general oral check-up. This includes checking the colour of the gums, the amount of visible tartar or staining and the general appearance of the oral mucous membranes. After this, the dental hygienist measures the gingival pockets to examine any pocket deepening, bleeding or tartar under the gums.

Deepened gingival pockets are a sign of periodontitis. It starts and advances without any significant symptoms, making it difficult to personally notice the disease.

Once the dental hygienist understands the condition of the gums, they start the periodontal or anti-infective therapy. In practice, this means removing tartar, staining and roughness from the surfaces of the teeth. Tartar is removed with ultrasonic and manual instruments. Cleaning powder or paste can also be used, if necessary. Anaesthesia or topical anaesthesia is available for the cleaning procedure.

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How and when should I see a dental hygienist?

When the services of a dental hygienist are based on the examination and follow-up of a dentist or a dental specialist, the treatment is subject to Kela reimbursement. You can also directly seek a dental hygienist’s appointment, but in that case, Kela will not reimburse you for the treatment.

The interval between dental hygienist’s appointments depends on the individual’s needs; you may visit a dental hygienist every 3, 6 or 12 months, for example.

We recommend booking an appointment with a dentist and asking for a referral to a dental hygienist. Book an appointment in the Mehiläinen booking system  or by calling our customer service: 010 273 8000 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min).

The specialist for the article was Chief Dental Hygienist Pia-Maria Eskola from Hammas Mehiläinen.

ServiceHintaDeductibleMore information
Hammastarkastus69,00 €
53,50 €
Hampaiden ja kokoleuan röntgenkuva103 €
94 €
Hammaskiven poisto115-163 €
107-145 €
Suuhygienistikäynti, 30-45 min
Hampaan paikkaus87-238 €
77-215 €
Yhdestä-kolmeen pintaa
Hampaan keraaminen paikkaus234-587 €
217-587 €
Yhdestä-kolmeen pintaa
Hampaan keraaminen kruunu517-632 €
517-632 €
Puudutus33-34 €
30-31 €
Lohkeama87-238 €
77-215 €
Hinta-arvio hammaslääkäriltä
Hampaan poisto99-667 €
89-605 €
Valkaisukonsultaatio0 €
0 €
Hampaiden valkaisu84-467 €
84-467 €
Hinta-arvio maksuttomassa valkaisukonsultaatiossa
Poliklinikkamaksu23,60 €
23,60 €
Alennettu poliklinikkamaksu 9,90 €
9,90 €
Suuhygienistikäynnit, hammaslääkärin juurihoidon ja oikomishoidon käynnit sekä proteettisten töiden välivaiheet ja valmistelevat toimenpiteet.