Cosmetic dental care

Cosmetic dental care can be used to alter the appearance of teeth and fix functional issues. This may include whitening or straightening the teeth or using various veneers and laminates. However, a healthy mouth is always the starting point. A healthy mouth is a beautiful mouth. That is why good dental and oral health is important. Cosmetic dental care means making a healthy mouth even more beautiful

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening can be performed at an appointment with a dental hygienist or at home using suitable instruments. The dental hygienist often performs an initial whitening, after which you can wait a year, for example, before whitening them again at home, using instruments that fit your upper and lower teeth. Individual teeth can also be whitened.

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Tooth whitening does not affect fillings as the whitening process only brightens the dental tissue. That is why you may need to redo your fillings. We recommend only whitening a healthy mouth; in other words, remove any tartar and staining before whitening your teeth.

Dental staining and discolouration

A dental hygienist cleans any tartar and staining from the teeth. The cleaning procedure may affect the overall appearance of the teeth enough to eliminate the need for whitening. Smoking, coffee, tea and certain foods can cause staining of the teeth.

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White spot treatment, performed by a dental hygienist, can be used to treat both dark and light stains as well as fix or completely eliminate superficial damage.

Missing teeth

Implant treatment is the most common, and often the best, way of replacing a missing tooth. The dentist implants an artificial root and a crown in the jawbone.

We recommend replacing a missing tooth with an implant as a hole in the row of teeth may cause changes in the positioning of the teeth. Teeth tend to lean into the hole, and the tooth opposite the missing tooth may start erupting even more, in other words growing longer. In addition to the cosmetic impairment, missing teeth make it difficult to eat.

Misaligned teeth

There are several types of dental malposition. The teeth may be congested, twisted, tilted or over- or under-erupted. Congestion means that the teeth cannot fit side by side. Malposition and malocclusion is usually genetic and result from the shape of the face, for example. Orthodontic treatment is used to fix dental malposition.

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Overexposed gums

Visible gums are usually a genetic characteristic. However, the overexposure of gums can be reduced with orthodontic treatment and by extending the dental crowns.

Other cosmetic issues

Laminates or veneers can be used in various ways to shape teeth. Teeth can be elongated, swelled or flattened, for example. Laminates can also be used to correct minor malposition. Your smile should always be seen and fixed as a whole, instead of working on one or two teeth at a time.

Correcting your teeth with laminates and composite resins is simple, quick and cost-effective. The desired end result often only takes 1–3 appointments. Laminates are usually made of glass-ceramic or feldspathic porcelain. Laminates and composite resins are a high-quality, effortless way to achieve a durable end result.

Gaps between teeth and worn or shortened teeth can also be treated.

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The specialist for the article was prosthetics specialist Kirsten Besuch.


ServicePriceDeductibleMore information
Dental check-up 76 €
60,50 €

The price does not include the clinic fee (€29.90)

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Check-up for patients with dental fear111.50 €
96 €

The price does not include the clinic fee (€29.90)

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Dental X-ray of the teeth and jaws 109 €
100 €
89 € (after the Kela reimbursement, with a doctor's referral 80 €)

Panoramic tomography

Tartar removalfrom 101 €
from 96 €

30–45 minute appointment with a dental hygienist

Price 101-178,80 €, deductible 96-160,80 €

Dental fillings from 95,70 €
from 85,70 €

1–3 surfaces

Price 95,70-260,90 €, deductible 85,70-237,90 €

Ceramic fillingfrom 256,70 €
from 239,70 €

1–3 surfaces

Price 256,70-710,10 €, deductible 239,70-636 €

Dental crown from 566 €
from 566 €

Laboratory costs are not included in the price estimate.

Price 566-734,30 €, deductible 566-734,30 €

Anaesthesia from 36,80 €
from 33,80 €

Price 36,80-37,90 €, deductible 33,80-34,90 €

Chipped toothfrom 95,70 €
from 85,70 €

Price estimate from a dentist

Price 95,70-260,90 €, deductible 85,70-237,90 €

Tooth extractionfrom 108,40 €
from 98,40 €

Price estimate from a dentist

Price 108,40-730,10 €, deductible 98,40-668,10 €

Whitening consultation appointment0 €
0 €
Tooth whitening from 90 €
from 90 €

Price estimate given at the free consultation appointment

Price 90-420 €, deductible 90-420 €

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