Felicitas Maternity Clinic

Towards the Delivery with a Confident Mindset

Every pregnancy is different. That is why it is important to tailor the monitoring of pregnancy and prenatal classes according to the wishes and needs of the future mother and father. Our goal is that the pregnancy progresses safely and that the whole family feels well.

A Persona Midwife and Specialist

You can book the first appointment as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test result. You personal midwife will then take care of you during the whole of the pregnancy until the birth of the baby. The midwife is supported by a doctor who is specialized in monitoring pregnancies.

Individualized Pregnancy Monitoring

The individual appointments at the maternity clinic will be planned to fit your and your family´s needs and the progress of the pregnancy. The first appointment is usually around pregnancy weeks 10-13, after which we plan the follow-up together. We recommend that you would visit the clinic once every four week at pregnancy weeks 10-28, once every second week at pregnancy weeks 28-36, once a week at pregnancy weeks 36-40, and twice a week at pregnancy weeks 40-42. Most women come to have a postpartum check-up with their personal doctor. If you wish, we can also make a house call after delivery.

Assistance with State-of-the-Art Equipment

In addition to competent personnel, our maternity clinic has state-of-the-art equipment. The state of the pregnancy and the fetus are examined with a 4D ultrasound machine. The technique offers new possibilities for the future parents: they can actually see the child, not just a ghost image. If the parents wish, they can get printed pictures of the ultrasound scan. DVD recording is also possible.

During late pregnancy a cardiotocograph can be used to measure fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions.

Preparation for Parenthood an Essential Part of Prenatal Care

You can also take part in private Preparation for Parenthood classes at our maternity clinic. There you will receive practical information about the delivery and childcare, as well as counsel on how to adjust to parenthood. Usually there are three sessions, the first being held around pregnancy weeks 28-30. The appointments are planned to fit your schedule.

In case you have fears or concerns about the pregnancy, the family therapists at our clinic are at you disposal.

If necessary, the services of our nutritionists can also support your wellbeing during pregnancy.

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela, reimburses a part of the costs when you visit a private maternity clinic.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will take care of you and your baby

Specialists and locations

Sirpa Eviö
LT, Naistentautien ja synnytysten el, gyn.endokrin
Henriikka Henttu
LL, naistentautien ja synnytysten erikoislääkäri
Tarja Olkinuora
LT, naistentautien ja synn. erikoislääkäri
Kari Ratsula
LKT, Naistentautien ja synn.erikoislääkäri