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Felicitas is a leading provider of fertility treatment in Finland.  At the forefront of reproductive medicine, our clinicians and embryologists are able to offer you today's most advanced and effective procedures for fertility treatments. In addition you are also welcome to use the services of our laboratory and our family therapist.

Felicitas has the ISO 9001 2000 quality certificate as the first private infertility related business in Finland. To our patients this is a guaranty of high quality treatment. Regularly performed follow ups assure high quality also in the future.

When you are worried about getting pregnant, contact our clinic by phone or e-mail and we will make an appointment for your first visit.  You can also book an appointment via our online booking.  This first appointment lasts for an hour. In Felicitas you have your own doctor  from your  first visit to your last. You can always get an appointment at a short notice.

Felicitas has operations in Helsinki and Lappeenranta.


You can have your annual gynecological exam done at the Felicitas Clinic. Our doctors are experts at studying female hormonal function because we do a lot of infertility examinations. We have state of the art ultrasound equipment which can be used to examine the uterus and ovaries very thoroughly. An ultrasound scan helps us to discover possible changes in an early stage when they are also easier to treat.

Maternity Clinic

In our maternity clinic we`ll support you from your first visit to your last. As professionals of field we can answer all your questions about pregnancy and birth. A doctor who is specialized in monitoring pregnancies is constantly at your disposal. You are also welcome to use the services of our laboratory and our family therapist. In addition to competent personnel our maternity clinic has state of the art equipment. During late pregnancy the midwife can use a cardiotocograph to measure fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions so that the parents can be assured of the wellbeing of their baby. The appointments will be planned to fit into your own schedule. The number of the appointments depends on your personal needs and the progress of your pregnancy.

You can book the first appointment at the maternity clinic around pregnancy weeks 10 -13. This first appointment lasts for an hour. You can discuss the following appointments when you come to the clinic. We recommend that you would visit the clinic once every four weeks at pregnancy weeks 10-28, once every second week at pregnancy weeks 28-36, once a week  at pregnancy weeks 36-40 and twice a week at pregnancy weeks 40-42. Usually people have their last appointment after the delivery. If necessary we can also make a house call after the baby is born. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland Kela reimburses a part of the costs when you visit our maternity clinic.  Please contact our reservation desk if you want to know more about our prices. Our maternity clinic also offers you private prenatal classes which will be tailored to your needs. You can come by yourself or take your partner with you.  There are usually three classes during the first pregnancy.

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Monitoring the Pregnancy

You can choose our doctor to monitor your pregnancy even if you don t visit our maternity clinic. We want to offer individual unhurried expert service for future parents. Flexibility is also one of our goals. You can get an appointment at a short notice when you need it. Our highly competent staff will monitor your pregnancy with state of the art equipment. We use a 4D ultrasound scanner which gives us a three dimensional moving image of the baby. This makes it easier to detect structural abnormalities. We can also measure fetal heartbeat with a cardiotocograph and the services of our laboratory including.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) / Harmony test are at your disposal. We recommend that you would visit the doctor five times during the pregnancy. A nuchal fold scan and a serum screen will be made around pregnancy weeks 11- 13 and a structural ultrasound scan around weeks 18-19 . The mid pregnancy ultrasound is performed around weeks 26-28 and the late pregnancy ultrasound around weeks 36-38. If the pregnancy lasts over 40 weeks there is also a so called post term check up. All the appointments will be scheduled according to your wishes .

Contact Details:

Tel. +358-10-4146650

e-mail: (To protect your own privacy, please do not send any medical history by e-mail)