Laser eye surgery price list

Mehiläinen has access to the widest selection of laser surgery options in Finland and a group of leading professionals who perform all types of eye surgery procedures safely, quickly and effortlessly. Learn more about different laser eye surgery methods.

All treatment relationships are based on a thorough preliminary examination that ensures that the treatment and operation plan is created according to your individual needs. Book an appointment for a preliminary examination  to discuss your wishes.

Laser eye surgery prices and locations


Appointments and enquiries: 010 414 2530 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min)

Laser eye surgery operations are performed at Mehiläinen Ympyrätalo. Learn more about our extensive services and free preliminary assessments here.

Laser procedures:
SMILE/eye €1,490
FEMTO/eye €1,700
SUPRACOR/eye €1,875
PRK/eye €1,340

All operations (excluding PRK) include a surgery guarantee of one (1) year. The guarantee covers all medical costs related to a possible additional operation (NOTE: the guarantee does not cover any personal costs, costs related to travel or loss of income). Any examinations required are subject to a separate fee.

Preliminary examination €250.60 (deductible €189.60)
Follow-up examination €85 (deductible €73.60)
Examination performed by an optician €35
The current outpatient fee is added to the prices (excluding examinations performed by opticians).

Campaign prices for appointments at Mehiläinen Ympyrätalo booked by 31 December 2020!

Laser eye surgery procedures (Smile and Femtolasik) at the Ympyrätalo clinic now at a discounted price of -€250 per eye (-€500 for both eyes).

Campaign price SMILE €1,240€ / eye (€2,480€ / both eyes)
Campaign price FEMTO €1,450/eye (€2,900 / both eyes)

A one-year (1) surgery guarantee is included in the price. The guarantee covers the costs of a possible additional surgery. Any examinations required and post-operative check-ups performed by a doctor are subject to a separate fee. An outpatient fee is added to appointments with doctors.


Appointment booking and enquiries: 08 323 2358 and 040 766 1816

In Oulu, laser eye surgery is carried out by Laser-Porus, which operates in Mehiläinen’s premises at Kauppurienkatu 9. Learn more about our comprehensive services and the free preliminary assessment here.

Laser procedures:

ICL / one eye from €2,600/ both eyes from €5,100
FEMTO / one eye €888 / both eyes €1,776
PRK / one eye €750 / both eyes €1,500

Preliminary examination €151 + outpatient fee
Post-operative check-up €112.50 + outpatient fee

Procedures include a one-year surgery guarantee in case there is a significant difference between the goal and the actual result that is causing problems. The guarantee covers all costs associated with a potential additional surgical procedure (excluding, however, any travel expenses or other personal costs or loss of income).

Specialists and locations

Timo Hellstedt
LT, Silmätautien erik.lääk, Silmäkirurgi
Tapio Ihanamäki
Silmätautien erikoislääkäri
Petri Jalli
Silmätautien erikoislääkäri, Silmäkirurgi