Mehiläinen Work Life Supreme for companies

Mehiläinen Work Life Supreme is a comprehensive health and wellbeing service for companies that includes, in addition to extensive occupational health care services, the treatment of illnesses and accidents at the clinics of Mehiläinen for a fixed annual fee. The service is designed to meet the increasing needs of customers, and its key goals include the following:

  • Minimising the impact of factors that cause the personnel’s work and functional capability to decline through preventive occupational health care and as extensive treatment of illnesses and accidents as possible
  • Facilitating the treatment process and returning to work by providing all health and wellbeing services for the personnel in one place
  • Controlling and predicting the level of costs with a fixed pricing model
  • Maintaining all health data on the personnel in one, real-time electronic service

Mehiläinen Work Life Supreme has been designed to meet these demands. The service allows for companies to look after their attractive image as an employer, and employees are able to access all modes of treatment and services in one place through their personal occupational health physician. The Work Life Supreme offers companies all the most important services provided by Mehiläinen’s nationwide clinic network :

Talenom Oyj CEO Jussi Paaso: “Mehiläinen Work Life Supreme is an investment in your personnel”

Talenom Oyj is one of the largest and fastest-growing multi-experts of financial administration in Finland. Talenom even boasts its own software development unit and an extensive sales organisation around the country.

The goal of Talenom’s renewed strategy is to become the best workplace in Finland. According to CEO Paaso, the deployment of Mehiläinen’s Work Life Supreme service supports this goal. Mehiläinen Work Life Supreme covers comprehensive occupational health care as well as any illness and accident-related services of Mehiläinen’s national outpatient clinic and hospital network. According to Paaso, the experiences have been excellent; for example, employees have been able to return to work sooner.

“I recommend Mehiläinen Work Life Supreme to any company that wants to invest in the wellbeing of its employees.”

Interested? Contact:
Kimmo Kivelä, Account Manager, Mehiläinen Working Life Services
+358 40 361 5747 kimmo.kivela(a)