Occupational wellbeing

Working life has changed a lot, and the pace is only increasing. The change sets new requirements for occupational wellbeing, maintaining work ability and looking after personal wellbeing. Humans are complex entities, which means that personal wellbeing has an impact on work performance. Learn more about Mehiläinen’s wide range of solutions: occupational wellbeing services and effortless digital work ability monitoring services.

Occupational wellbeing management through data and monitoring

Mehiläinen uses the only digital health and wellbeing survey tool integrated into a patient information system in the market that allows for generating valuable information about the wellbeing, health and work ability of the personnel to the management of a company. The data of the survey provides an excellent framework for the management of working ability and occupational wellbeing. Read more about the digital occupational health and wellbeing survey and occupational wellbeing plan! 

CorporateMehiläinen provides tools for monitoring and reporting on the outcomes of measures related to occupational health and wellbeing

The solution package is summarised in CorporateMehiläinen’s real-time reporting that enables the customer and Mehiläinen to monitor the effect and cost impacts of the selected measures. The reporting can be used to react quickly and change activities so that they correspond with the goals.

Self and leadership development

Mehiläinen offers coaching for people in managerial positions in cooperation with Hintsa Performance. Hintsa’s lessons have been applied by several corporate leaders, steering groups and top athletes, among many others. The purpose of this coaching is to support individuals and groups to manage and develop themselves and to optimise their performance. The team includes the Hintsa Science Team, a large group of top doctors and health care professionals.

Mehiläinen also offers work coaching  and work counselling  services.

Leadership and work community development coaching

Mehiläinen offers leadership development coaching services. We help work communities to develop themselves  and create an efficient and pleasant environment.

The services of occupational health care or an occupational psychologist may be useful if bullying is present in your work community or you are looking to prevent it in advance. Read our article on bullying at the workplace, how to prevent it and how to act when it occurs. 

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Work community wellbeing services available online

The Mehiläinen health and wellbeing service store is an online service that is accessible to all companies and helps find the correct and individually suitable services in an effortless manner. Services provided by a wide range of service providers throughout Finland, including Mehiläinen, are available in the store. The new channel allows for the planning of health, work ability and occupational wellbeing management basically down to the level of individual services. Customers can suggest the service providers/services they prefer to be included in the channel and the service package by Mehiläinen. Learn more about the health and wellbeing service store: http://kauppa.mehilainen.fi/

Mehiläinen’s occupational psychologists prepare wellbeing programmes (First Beat)  for individuals and groups. The wellbeing analysis is performed to survey a person’s stress levels and recovery and to discover methods for supporting recovery. This supports both wellbeing and work performance.

Employee’s occupational wellbeing

Occupational wellbeing is part of everyone’s comprehensive wellbeing that focuses on the physical and mental qualities of a person and work-life balance. The wellbeing of personnel allows for companies to succeed in even the tightest business situations.

Mehiläinen offers companies a variety of methods to look after the wellbeing of their personnel, but employees can also look after the elements of wellbeing themselves. Introduce your staff to the elements of wellbeing 

Promotion of the staff’s occupational wellbeing with the HeiaHeia app

The HeiaHeia wellbeing app  includes a cost-efficient and modern model for supporting the entire staff. In its lightest form, the app acts as a personal coach by providing dozens of ready-made exercises and rehabilitation programmes and, on a corporate level, it allows for the agile performance of various campaigns and challenges. In more specifically targeted services, HeiaHeia forms an interactive channel between a Mehiläinen expert and an individual person or a group, thus enabling a more continuous and cost-efficient support model to be applied between meetings.

Occupational wellbeing increases productivity and profitability

Finnish working life needs an increase in productivity. Comprehensive health care for employees and looking after their wellbeing are absolutely necessary for securing productivity. According to studies, employees that feel well are more efficient in their work and create better results. Wellbeing at work also supports other areas of life.

  • Currently, the majority of the labour force are not included in the scope of conventional occupational health care services. Most occupational health care resources are allocated to the 10–20% of employees with recurrent or prolonged sick leaves, increased risks related to work ability or a chronic illness that requires constant monitoring.

  • If the productivity of companies and working life needs to be increased, occupational health care measures must also include employees outside the scope of active occupational health care measures, who make up as much as 80–90% of the labour force.

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