Entrepreneur’s occupational health

Investing in your health is the most important investment you can make in your career. Your well-being is vital to the success and activities of your business, so remember to look after yourself.

Personal service for entrepreneurs

Mehiläinen’s occupational health care services for entrepreneurs are specially designed to meet entrepreneurs’ needs. The services focused on health, well-being and the ability to cope provide entrepreneurs with resources to maintain their energy levels at work and in working life and look after their work ability proactively.

Mehiläinen also offers occupational health services for agricultural entrepreneurs comprehensively across Finland, and our occupational health care professionals are familiar with the exposure agents in agriculture and their health implications. Learn more about occupational health care for agricultural entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur’s occupational health agreement

An entrepreneur's occupational health agreement is a comprehensive service that supports overall health, including the following:

  • access to the services of a designated occupational health physician and nurse
  • access to the services of other occupational health care professionals, such as an occupational physiotherapist, occupational psychologist and work coach
  • the possibility to visit a specialist directly without a referral, if necessary
  • exemption from the administrative fees of appointments
  • for medical care, you can use all Mehiläinen clinics nationwide
  • access to the various remote appointment channels and the OmaMehiläinen Digital Clinic
  • invitations to regular health examinations, the content of which is jointly defined
  • benefit from the Kela reimbursements for occupational health care services
  • subscriptions to newsletters and access to health guidance material

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Variety of occupational health care services for entrepreneurs

The occupational health agreement includes an extensive health care package that consists of, for example, appointments with general practitioners, specialists, MRI scans, vaccinations, unlimited examinations and surgical procedures. All health care services and examinations are charged according to their use. See Mehiläinen Working Life Services price list

You will also have access to the OmaMehiläinen service free of charge, for easy access to and management of occupational health care matters. The Occupational Health tab includes the contact details of your occupational health team and the option to send them a message, or book an appointment with an occupational health care professional. The service also gives access to extensive video library content on various topics, such as stress, sleep, mental well-being, increasing physical exercise and activity, and reducing alcohol consumption.

For entrepreneurs, oral health services can be added as well. The reasonable costs of dental care can be a 100% tax deductible expense for the company and a tax-free benefit for the entrepreneur. The service is always agreed on separately for each company.

Entrepreneur’s health examination supports your health

The health examination provides you with important information about your health status and advice on maintaining your health and well-being. In the health examination, a Mehiläinen occupational health nurse assesses your health by interviewing you and carrying out the necessary tests and examinations. The content and intervals of the examination are determined individually on the basis of your health status and workload and exposure factors.

A personal occupational health plan will be drawn up for you in connection with the health examination. In the health care plan, your own assessment of your health and possibilities of making the necessary changes in your work and health behaviour is always taken into account. The first health examination is performed at the beginning of your customer relationship, and at three-year intervals after that.

Mehiläinen also offers a wide range of well-being services, including:

  • The Firstbeat well-being analysis based on a heart rate variability analysis to monitor the physical and mental stress of work and recovering from the stress. The results can be applied in making changes to the work that causes stress and supporting recovering from it.
  • The physical condition test is performed under the supervision of an occupational physiotherapist. The comprehensive test package includes body composition and mobility analyses, bicycle ergometer tests as well as balance and muscle strength tests. The follow-up plan created based on the results supports coping at work and provides additional energy in daily life.

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Support from Kela for entrepreneurs to cover the costs of occupational health care services

Kela will reimburse up to 50–60% of the costs of occupational health care services used by entrepreneurs, up to the maximum reimbursement rate. A valid workplace survey and action plan are a prerequisite for receiving compensation from Kela for occupational health care costs. For example, the reimbursement does not apply to occupational well-being services. As an entrepreneur, you can give your consent for a direct reimbursement process, that is, Kela’s settlement procedure, which means that Mehiläinen will only charge you the portion of the total sum of the invoice not covered by Kela’s reimbursement. Learn more on Kela’s website  

Entrepreneurs with YEL and MYEL insurance coverage can apply for sickness allowance from Kela. The sickness allowance is determined on the basis of your YEL or MYEL earnings. Entrepreneurs not obliged to take out YEL or MYEL insurance may also receive sickness allowance from Kela. If the entrepreneur has an occupational health care agreement, he/she has access to similar occupational health care services as employees have.

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