BeeHealthy – on a mission to make healthcare smarter

BeeHealthy  was born inside Mehiläinen to make healthcare smarter for all – healthcare providers and patients. What do we mean by smarter? More efficient, more impactful, and more affordable. Easier, faster and more accessible. We bring our extensive healthcare experience and technological know-how to everyone’s reach through a modern digital platform that is customizable for all healthcare providers. We offer our support in the change towards a digital mindset with continuous coaching, co-operation, and rethinking the patient experience altogether.

With Mehiläinen’s over 110 years of healthcare services in Finland, we have both the experience and evidence that smarter healthcare leads to healthier and more satisfied patients. Through the BeeHealthy platform, we want to help other healthcare providers transform how healthcare is accessed and provided around the world. BeeHealthy offers a module-based, white-label, software as a service (SAAS) business platform for digitizing patient journeys with outstanding customer experience.

An important mission

Working at BeeHealthy means working towards a world where healthcare is better and more accessible – a mission that drives us and makes us proud to be part of. It gives us great joy and purpose to be able to produce something the world actually needs, instead of gimmicks and gadgets. At BeeHealthy you will work in the epicenter of building a new, smarter era of healthcare.

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