Mehiläinen establishes a new company – BeeHealthy aims to be the leading digital health care operator globally

Press release 24 November 2020

Mehiläinen continues to grow internationally and will start to export Finnish expertise in digital health care through its new company BeeHealthy. BeeHealthy looks for growth both in platform solutions as well as in health care services based on the digitalisation provided by its own clinics.

- We have increased internal digital competencies and built the industry’s best digital health care services on an international scale. These competencies are the foundation of BeeHealthy, which aims to be one of the leading digital health care operators globally. We want to make health care export the new pillar of Finland’s service export, says Janne-Olli Järvenpää, CEO of Mehiläinen.

BeeHealthy offers customers a health care platform solution that includes, for example, Digital Clinic, the patient’s medical history, longer treatment path monitoring and electronic appointment booking. Customers of the platform solutions include different health care operators.

- We can assist our customers much better than a traditional software company since Mehiläinen, as a health care operator, has walked the same path. Our platform is tested in practice, so we know what we are doing and talking about. Our first customers are located in Europe, but our work has no geographical boundaries. In addition to Europe, two recently signed agreements will take BeeHealthy solutions to two new continents, says Oskari Eskola, Business Unit Director at BeeHealthy.

BeeHealthy aims to expand its operations in Europe by offering digital health care services combined with its own physical clinics in addition to the platform solutions.

- Closer to Finland, we will also offer health care services that will combine digital service paths to our own physical service network. Mehiläinen looks for growth organically as well as through acquisitions. Within five years, we want to be as large on a global level as Mehiläinen is now on the domestic level, says Eskola.

100 software developers are required to build growth

Due to the international growth, Mehiläinen’s current software developer team of approximately 70 employees is expected to grow to 100 developers.

- Growth is built in Finland by the digital development teams in Kamppi, Helsinki, Turku and Jyväskylä. Mehiläinen’s 111 years of health care experience combined with more than 20 years of experience in digital development offers a unique competitive advantage to BeeHealthy, says Eskola.

BeeHealthy’s platform solution has already been sold internationally to the markets in Greece and Italy. In Finland, the OmaMehiläinen service has more than one million registered users. During 2020, the year of the coronavirus, the number of appointments in Digital Clinic has increased nearly fivefold from the previous year.

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